The Acoustic Collection
    • The Acoustic Collection
    • Released in 2013
    • 85 Songs


    1Watch itHerbie Hancock
    1One of a Kind (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    1Eye of the HurricaneV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    1Someday My Prince Will Come (Live)Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea
    1February Moment (Live)Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea
    1My Funny ValentineHerbie Hancock
    1Opening (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    1Opening (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    1SkaglyV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    1Stable MatesHerbie Hancock
    1Well You Needn'tHerbie Hancock
    1'Round MidnightHerbie Hancock
    2Speak Like a ChildHerbie Hancock
    2Third Plane (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    2DianaV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    2Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) (Live)Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea
    2Maiden Voyage (Live)Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea
    2On Green Dolphin StreetHerbie Hancock
    2Eye of the Hurricane (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    2Eye of the Hurricane (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    2Finger PaintingV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    2Dolphin DanceHerbie Hancock
    2'Round MidnightHerbie Hancock
    2Body and SoulHerbie Hancock
    3Watcha Waitin' ForHerbie Hancock
    3Jessica (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    3Eighty-OneV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    3Button Up (Live)Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea
    3La Fiesta (Live)Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea
    3Someday My Prince Will ComeHerbie Hancock
    3Tear Drop (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    3Tear Drop (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    3Mutants on the BeachV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    3A Slight SmileHerbie Hancock
    3Clear WaysHerbie Hancock
    3Bérangère's NightmareHerbie Hancock
    4LookHerbie Hancock
    4Lawra (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    4Maiden VoyageV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    4Harvest TimeHerbie Hancock
    4Domo (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    4Domo (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    4CirceV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    4That Old Black MagicHerbie Hancock
    4A Quick SketchHerbie Hancock
    4Fair WeatherHerbie Hancock
    5MilestonesHerbie Hancock
    5Introduction of Players / Darts (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    5LawraV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    5SonrisaHerbie Hancock
    5Para Oriente (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    5Para Oriente (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    5SkaglyV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    5La Maison GoreeHerbie Hancock
    5Eye of the HurricaneHerbie Hancock
    5Una Noche con FrancisHerbie Hancock
    6Dolores (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    6Red ClayV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    6Manhattan IslandHerbie Hancock
    6Pee Wee (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    6Pee Wee (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    6Finger PaintingV.S.O.P., The Quintet
    6ParadeHerbie Hancock
    6The PeacocksHerbie Hancock
    7Little Waltz (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    7Blue OtaniHerbie Hancock
    7One of Another Kind (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    7One of Another Kind (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    7The SorcererHerbie Hancock
    7How Long Has This Been Going On?Herbie Hancock
    8Byrdlike (Live)The V.S.O.P. Quintet
    8My Funny Valentine (TK 3 Alternate)Herbie Hancock
    8Fragile (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    8Fragile (Live (Alternate Version))V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    8Pee WeeHerbie Hancock
    8Rhythm-A-NingHerbie Hancock
    9On Green Dolphin Street (TK 3 Alternate)Herbie Hancock
    9Stella by Starlight (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    9I Fall in Love Too EasilyHerbie Hancock
    9Still TimeHerbie Hancock
    10Harvest Time (TK 3 Alternate)Herbie Hancock
    10On Green Dolphin Street (Live)V.S.O.P., The Quintet
    10Minuit Aux Champs-ElyséesHerbie Hancock
    11Someday My Prince Will Come (TK 3 Alternate)Herbie Hancock
    11Chan's Song (Never Said)Herbie Hancock

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