No Other Place (Album Version (Explicit))

No Other Place (Album Version (Explicit))

Hollywood Undead

Oh! Shake it, baby!
Funny Man! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Los Angeles!
Undead, let's go!

[Chorus: x2]
Cause there's no other place that I'd rather be than Los Angeles
Come on, shake it, baby
Come on, grab a drink, I wanna see you hit the flo'
You've got a fat ass, but you shake it like ain't a ho

Who that, who that, knockin' on the window?
It's Funny, JDog, smokin' up the endo
Windows down, you know the system's bangin'
Hollywood Undead, I ain't playin'
Cruisin' downtown with the bottle beside me
Lookin' so fly I got bitches behind me
Yo I'm in the studio makin' something to dance too
Cause these bitches wanna hear something they can shake their ass to
We up in LA represent Hollywood
West side 'till I die, motherfucker what's good?
So what's good with that, when this song's a rap
Deuce in the studio, got bitches in the back
Smoked out, backseat, dippin' in the taxi
So what 'cha gonna do when I knock you out foo?
Keep it the same, you know Undead is the name
Say what you say, it's okay, we ain't never gonna change

[Chorus: x2]

Everybody in the club shake it up!
LA let me see you shake it up!
Hollywood let me see you shake it up!
Everybody shake it up, come one, shake it baby!

I ain't fuckin' around 'cause King Kong is down
Crystal, shake it up, we all ova this town
So let's cruise to the Boulevard into the Beauty Bar
Let me see you work that ass, come on and shake it fast
Two whiskey hits, JDogs giving shots in the back
So where my boys at?
There goes Johnny 3 cruisin' in the Cadillac
'63 no and that's a fact!
When you see me on the scene, black shirt, black jeans,
Tattoos, white shoes
Runnin' 30 deep foo!
In the city of LA where it's just another day
Shooting craps with the Phantom
Dude thinks he's getting paid!
We ain't here to front, we ain't here to beef
We're just here to get you out of yo muthaf**kin' seat
And you don't really wanna step to this
Funny Man, Undead, and we rock it like what?

[Chorus: x2]

Oh shit! What's really goin' on baby?
What's happenin' bad boy, you know who this is!
It's the Funny Man AKA King Kong!
Oh, yo Dave! Dickey Dave! Fuck you, bitch!
You got yo face pimped! Holla!
Oh wait, gotta go! Charlie's hittin' me up!
Peace, bitch!


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