Super Best
    • Super Best
    • Released in 2012
    • 45 Songs


    1Rain from the SkiesHorace Andy
    1Get WiseHorace Andy
    2Sky LarkingHorace Andy
    2I May Never See My Baby (Anymore)Horace Andy
    3Man to ManHorace Andy
    3I Feel Good All OverHorace Andy
    4Zion GateHorace Andy
    4Where Did Love Go (Illiteracy)Horace Andy
    5(Woman) Don't Try to Use MeHorace Andy
    5Letter to Mummmy and DaddyHorace Andy
    6Love of a Woman, TheHorace Andy
    6Lonely WomanHorace Andy
    7Bless YouHorace Andy
    7Better CollieHorace Andy
    8Thank You LordHorace Andy
    8Tag AlongHorace Andy
    9Let the Teardrops FallHorace Andy
    9Better Collie VersionHorace Andy
    10You Are My AngelHorace Andy
    10Money, Money (Aka the Root of All Evil)Horace Andy
    11My Guiding StarHorace Andy
    11Gonna Keep On Trying (Until I Win Your Love)Horace Andy
    12Today Youth (Aka Youth of Today)Horace Andy
    12No Man Is an IslandHorace Andy
    13Love Ja Ja ChildrenHorace Andy
    13(We Got To) Go ForwardHorace Andy
    14True Love Shines BrightHorace Andy
    14Ain't No SunshineHorace Andy
    15Don't Think About Me (& Earl Flute)Horace Andy
    15Can I Change My MindHorace Andy
    16Nice and EasyHorace Andy
    16MaterialistHorace Andy
    17Poor Man StyleHorace Andy
    17Don't Break Your PromiseHorace Andy
    18A Serious ThingHorace Andy
    18Satan Side (Aka Peter & Judas)Horace Andy
    19God Is DispleasedHorace Andy
    19Dream LoverHorace Andy
    20Psalm 68Horace Andy
    20John Saw Them ComingHorace Andy
    21Dub 68Horace Andy
    21Something On My MindHorace Andy
    22I Don't Want to Be OutsideHorace Andy
    22Just Say WhoHorace Andy
    23Riding for a FallHorace Andy

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