Definition. The Hip-Hop Compilation

Definition. The Hip-Hop Compilation

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  • Definition. The Hip-Hop Compilation


1Intro (Produced by Jerry Juliano)DJ A-Beats
2Watchin' My Moves (Produced by Rashid Hadee)Chapter 13
3Bubbles (Freestyle)Manov War
4Da Instigator (Produced by Nick the 1nda)K-Hill
5Dreams (Produced by DJ Resident)Medinah General
6Demons (Produced by Rashid Hadee)Chapter 13
7Peep The Status (Produced by Chopy Chop-E)Bonez aka Troy Knight
8Thin Line (Produced by Rockwell)Rockwell feat. Lil-Renegade
9Gunshots (Produced by The Gyphted)Mercury Waters
10Streetwise Remix (Produced by Khrysis)EAF
11Horizon (Produced by Marc of the Beats)Manov War
12Piu Fuoco (Produced by Frank Siciliano)Giuann Shadai
13Live & Knuckle Up (Produced by WhyOS and Ilwil)J-Gunn, Hydro, & Ilwil
14Cry Like A Baby (Produced by Panama G.A.T.,)Panama G.A.T.
15Forward (Produced by Jerry Juliano)Eternia feat. Jah Brilliance
16Fake Ones (Produced by 9th Wonder)Splash
17Get Ready (Produced by 40 Immortal)Spectac
18Live Life II (Produced by DJ Forge)Forge & Amen
19F.U.X. (Produced by The Apple Juice Kid)Medinah General
20Off The Tip (DJ Doc Strange)Hydro
21Steel Dragon (Produced by K-Hill)L.E.G.A.C.Y.
22Neblina Outro (Produced by T.Martin)TM22

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