Box of the Wicked

Box of the Wicked

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1Ten Thousand StrongIced Earth
1I Walk AloneIced Earth
1In Sacred FlamesIced Earth
1OvertureIced Earth
1A Charge To KeepIced Earth
2Behold The Wicked ChildIced Earth
2Dark SagaIced Earth
2ProphecyIced Earth
2Something Wicked (Pt. 1)Iced Earth
2Setian MassacreIced Earth
3Birth of the WickedIced Earth
3Iced EarthIced Earth
3InvasionIced Earth
3The CloudingIced Earth
3Minions of the WatchIced Earth
4Pure EvilIced Earth
4The Coming CurseIced Earth
4The RevealingIced Earth
4Motivation of ManIced Earth
5A Gift Or A CurseIced Earth
5Setian MassacreIced Earth
6A Charge To KeepIced Earth
6Crown of the FallenIced Earth
7The Dimension GauntletIced Earth
7ReflectionsIced Earth
8Ten Thousand StrongIced Earth
8I Walk AloneIced Earth
9ExecutionIced Earth
9Harbinger of FateIced Earth
10Order of the RoseIced Earth
10Crucify the KingIced Earth
11CataclysmIced Earth
11Sacrificial KingdomsIced Earth
12Something Wicked (Pt. 3)Iced Earth
12The CloudingIced Earth
13Divide DevourIced Earth
13Infiltrate and AssimilateIced Earth
14Retribution Through The AgesIced Earth
14Come What MayIced Earth
15Something Wicked (Pt. 2)Iced Earth
15EpilogueIced Earth
16The Domino DecreeIced Earth
17Framing ArmageddonIced Earth
18When Stars Collide (Born is He)Iced Earth
19The AwakeningIced Earth

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