The Complete A&M Recordings

The Complete A&M Recordings

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1Real Wild Child (Wild One)Iggy Pop
1Cold MetalIggy Pop
1InstinctIggy Pop
2Baby It Can't FallIggy Pop
2High On YouIggy Pop
2Kill CityIggy Pop
3Strong GirlIggy Pop
31969Iggy Pop
3ShadesIggy Pop
4Fire GirlIggy Pop
4PenetrationIggy Pop
4Tom TomIggy Pop
5IsolationIggy Pop
5Easy RiderIggy Pop
5Power & FreedomIggy Pop
6Cry For LoveIggy Pop
6Power & FreedomIggy Pop
6Your Pretty Face Is Going To HellIggy Pop
7Blah-Blah-BlahIggy Pop
7High On YouIggy Pop
7LowdownIggy Pop
8HideawayIggy Pop
8Tuff BabyIggy Pop
8InstinctIggy Pop
9Tuff BabyIggy Pop
9Winners & LosersIggy Pop
9Search And DestroyIggy Pop
10Cold MetalIggy Pop
10Little Miss EmperorIggy Pop
10SquareheadIggy Pop
11Cry For LoveIggy Pop
11SquareheadIggy Pop
11Cold MetalIggy Pop
12I Wanna Be Your DogIggy Pop
12Real Wild Child (Wild One)Iggy Pop
12Cold MetalIggy Pop
13Tuff BabyIggy Pop
13Fire GirlIggy Pop
14Tuff BabyIggy Pop
14Baby It Can't FallIggy Pop

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