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The Lost Tapes

The Lost Tapes

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1Fa Dem G'z (feat. Sanchez)Immortal Soldierz
2U Can Hate (feat. Scotty boy, Sanchez & Lb.)Immortal Soldierz
3Cadillac Ragtops (feat. Thyra & Lb.)Immortal Soldierz
4Never Change (street-mix) (feat. Tum-Tum)Immortal Soldierz
5Man(Freestyle)(feat. Renizance)Immortal Soldierz
6Pu**y Money WeedImmortal Soldierz
7Sound of the toneImmortal Soldierz
824 shotzImmortal Soldierz
9City Sowed UpImmortal Soldierz
10Hood than a bitchImmortal Soldierz
11Puro RepresentaImmortal Soldierz
12HataProofImmortal Soldierz
13Killen SeasonImmortal Soldierz
14Scotty Boy (feat. Scotty Boy)Immortal Soldierz
15Who Fuk'n wit me-(Screwed)( feat. Tum-Tum)Immortal Soldierz
16Tales from the hoodImmortal Soldierz
17WoodGrain(Freestyle)(feat. Renizance)Immortal Soldierz
18For the streets (feat. Scotty Boy & Sanchez)Immortal Soldierz
19Gettin BankImmortal Soldierz
20See Me Die (feat. Josh Puebla & Lil CasIron)Immortal Soldierz
21Thug 4 Life (feat. Lil CasIron)Immortal Soldierz
22Blown Away (feat. Lb.)Immortal Soldierz
23Parkin Lot Pimpin (Freestyle)(feat. Scotty Boy)Immortal Soldierz
24Thats How It Is (feat. Renizance)Immortal Soldierz
25SpokesImmortal Soldierz
26Kings of the Funk (feat. King Corleone)Immortal Soldierz
27Here We Go II (feat. King Corleone)Immortal Soldierz
28They Dont know yaImmortal Soldierz
29No DramaImmortal Soldierz
30Spokes(Chopped & Screwed)Immortal Soldierz
31Survivor (feat. Renizance)Immortal Soldierz

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