The Mirrors Truth

The Mirrors Truth

In Flames

It's best to go, while I collapse
It's not a false alarm
The ashes settle in

Well, I guess we are the insane
As we ignore the mirror's truth
Should I join the feast?
Should I acknowledge the leash?
The future in captivity, I'm not who I'm supposed to be

Without even trying
Well, let this light explode

The bleeding, we deceive them
Fuel the lies, they try to hide the reason
We should live by a loss, call the swarm
Feed them another false hope

Without even trying
Let this light explode
Without even trying
Find the exit sign then disappear

Without even trying
Let this night explode
Without even trying
We'll find the exit sign then disappear

Written by Gelotte, Bjorn / Friden, Anders / Stromblad, Jesper
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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