Apocryphon: Electro Roots 1982-1985
    • Apocryphon: Electro Roots 1982-1985
    • Released in 2008
    • 27 Songs


    1Bacchanale (The Insoc EP)Information Society
    1Hey Hey HeyInformation Society
    2Hooked on Pablum (Live)Information Society
    2Fall in Line (The Insoc EP)Information Society
    3Nothing Sacred (1983)Information Society
    3Growing Up With Shiva (1983 - The Insoc EP)Information Society
    4Nothing Sacred (2007)Information Society
    4Get Up Away From That Thing (The Insoc EP)Information Society
    5Can You Live As Fast As Me? (The Insoc EP)Information Society
    5The Orthodox Pleasure SongInformation Society
    6Xmas at Our HouseInformation Society
    6You Are My Hiroshima (Creatures of Influence)Information Society
    7Running (Creatures of Influence)Information Society
    7Disco's Not Dead (It's Only Sleeping) (Live)Information Society
    8Creatures of InfluenceInformation Society
    8Wrongful Death (1982)Information Society
    9Wrongful Death (2007)Information Society
    9Don't Lose Your Mind (Creatures of Influence)Information Society
    10Fall in Line (Creatures of Influence)Information Society
    10I Hate Music (Live)Information Society
    11Signals (Creatures of Influence)Information Society
    11The INSOC CommercialInformation Society
    12The Swamp (Creatures of Influence)Information Society
    12New and DifferentInformation Society
    13Chant Your WayInformation Society
    14Say It, Say ItInformation Society
    15Growing Up With Shiva (2008)Information Society

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