Nights of Panpipes: 36 Hits
    • Nights of Panpipes: 36 Hits
    • Released in 2011
    • 36 Songs


    1Baker Street (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    2Don't Give Up (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    3Holding Back the Years (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    4Candle in the Wind (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    5Back for Good (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    6How Deep Is Your Love (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    7Just the Way You Are (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    8If You Leave Me Now (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    9Another Day in Paradise (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    10Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    11Careless Whisper (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    12Everytime You Go Away (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    13Don't Dream It's Over (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    14Everything I Do, I Do It for You (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    15Don't Let the Sun Go Down (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    16Georgia On My Mind (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    17In the Air Tonight (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    18Everytime We Say Goodbye (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    19Love Changes Everything (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    20Songbird (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    21Robin the Hooded Man (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    22The Shadow of Your Smile (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    23Killing Me Softly (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    24Lady in Red (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    25Take My Breath Away (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    26Love Is All Around (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    27Theme from "Harry's Game" (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    28Twin Peaks Theme (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    29Kiss from a Rose (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    30The Man I Love (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    31On the Roof (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    32Think Twice (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    33Take a Look At Me Now (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    34Shepherd Moons (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    35Tears in Heaven (Panpipes Version)Inishkea
    36On Your Shore (Panpipes Version)Inishkea

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