New Mexico's No Breeze

New Mexico's No Breeze

Iron & Wine

God gave you red light
On every green road sign
When you left Santa Fe.

We were two string beans
And you were too 19
To be blowing away

There were thieves in the square
Hiding hands and hiding prayers
And all their mumbling

Now they left you alone
Tangled heels and tiny veery oh's
Singing something

Stuck with open curls
Your mama was scared of the world,
It was born with a bang

I was stepping on sea shells
By the old Mission San Miguel
When a bell tower rang

And the sky fell apart
Heard the rain, I heard your heart
And what was spoken.

Cause nothing bends for a name
Nothing wants to stay the same
And nothing's broken

When your friends and their friends
Pass the pipe or tie the knot
Honeymoon music played
In the drive-thru parking lot

I woke up by your bed
You were wandering around the yard
Window wide as a day
But the sun just hit too hard

In a home void of doors
Mama's house slowed a little more
In the evening.

Naked boys throwing stones
Beady eyes and desert bones
They saw you leaving.

God gave you bobwhites
And the good kind of black night
When you left Santa Fe

New Mexico's no breeze
And you were so 19
You were blowing away

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