From Avenue A To The Great White Way: Yiddish & American Popular Songs 1914-1950
    • From Avenue A To The Great White Way: Yiddish & American Popular Songs 1914-1950
    • Released in 2008
    • 50 Songs


    1Voyl Iz Der Mammen (Mother Is Good) Alexander Olshanetsky;The Original Chorus Of The National Theater
    1What Am I Gonna Do? Irving Berlin
    2In Shtedtele Nikolayev (In The Town Of Nikolayev) David Medoff
    2I Don't Know Whether To Do It Or Not Fannie Brice
    3Ihr Megt Gleybn Oder Neyn (You Can Believe It Or Not) Molly Picon
    3Palesteena Eddie Cantor
    4V'hakohanim (The High Priest) Cantors' Association Of America
    4Rose Of The Volga Sophie Tucker
    5Huliet, Huliet Kinderlach (Play, Play Little Children) Abe Moskowitz
    5Tomorrow Is Another Day Al Jolson
    6Whoopee Peisachke Burstein
    6Hooray For Baby And Me Al Jolson
    7Inzer Rebin's Vunder (Our Rabbi's Wonder) Dora Bowshower
    8A Brief Finem Chosid Tsum Rebin (A Letter From A Hasid To His Rabbi) Master Seymour Rechtzeit
    8The Sheik Of Avenue B Frank Crumit
    9Sha, Sha Der Rebi Geht (Shh, Shh The Rabbi's Coming) Morris Goldstein
    9When Nathan Was Married To Rose Of Washington Square Willie Howard
    10Vu Zenen Meine Zieben Gute Yohr? (Where Are My Seven Good Years?) Nellie Casman
    10Since Henry Ford Apologized To Me The Happiness Boys
    11Gevald! Di Bananas (Help! The Bananas) David Medoff
    11Yiddisha Charleston Nathan Glantz
    12Hot Dogs Molly Picon
    12Yosel Nellie Casman
    13Dos Yiddel Fun Der South (The Jew From The South) Irving Grossman
    13Joseph! Joseph! Russ Morgan
    14Dem Pastuchel's Chulem (The Shepherd's Dream) Abe Schawartz Orchestra
    14Der Shtiller Bulgar (The Quiet Bulgar) Jewish Orchestra
    15Gevalt! Di Nerven (Help! My Nerves) Jacob Zanger
    15And the Angels Sing Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra
    16Mayer! Annie Lubin
    16Dem Nayem Sher (The New Sher) Symour Rechtzeit
    17Mit 40 Yohr Tzurick (Forty Years Ago) Menashe Skulnik
    17The Wedding Samba Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra
    18Yes Sir, Zi Iz May Kale (Yes Sir, She Is My Bride) Peisachke Burstein
    18The Super-Special Picture Of The Year The Yacht Club Boys
    19Vie Iz Dos Gessele (Where Is The Little Street) Abe Moskowitz
    19Mischa-Yascha-Toscha-Sascha The Funnyboners
    20Vos Gevehn Iz Nishtu (What Was Is No More) Nellie Casman
    20Egyptian Ella Ted Lewis & His Orchestra
    21Beigelach (Rolls) Peisachke Burstein
    21Matzoh Balls Slim Gaillard & His Flat Foot Floogie Boys
    22Who'll Buy My Bublitchki? Emery Deutsch
    22Utt-Da-Zay (That's The Way) Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
    23Zaynin Mir Chasidimlach (We Are Hasidim) Jewish Art Quartet
    23A Bee Gezindt (As Long As You're Healthy) Mildred Bailey
    24Bei mir bist du schon (To Me You Are so Beautiful) Belle Baker
    24My Little CousinBenny Goodman & His Orchestra
    25Roumania, Roumania Aaron Lebedeff
    25Jungle Madness Gene Krupa & His Orchestra

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