50 Bounce Tunes, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) - Best of Hands Up Techno, Hardstyle, Electro & Dubstep 2012

    50 Bounce Tunes, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) - Best of Hands Up Techno, Hardstyle, Electro & Dubstep 2012
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    • 50 Bounce Tunes, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) - Best of Hands Up Techno, Hardstyle, Electro & Dubstep 201...


    1Another Night 2k12 (Single Mix)Rob Mayth
    2Boom (Video Edit) [feat. Carlprit]ItaloBrothers
    3Girls (Dan Winter Radio Edit) [Bonus Remix Track] {feat. Akon}Various Artists
    4Basket Case (Black Toys Video Edit)Basslovers United
    5Hangover 2k12 (Radio Edit) [Bonus Track]Various Artists
    6Hold It Against Me (Radio Edit)Various Artists
    7Shoulda (Jens O. vs Ti-Mo Remix Edit)Sunn
    8Shine 4U 2.0 (Original Dance Mix Edit) [feat. Carmen & Camille]Punkrockerz
    9Jumping So High (Rocco vs Bass T Radio Edit)Dj Zkydriver
    10L'amour toujours (I'll Fly With You) [DJ Gollum & Jan Wayne Remix Edit]Rikah
    11Free Fallin (DJ Gollum Handz-Up Rmx Edit)Jan Wayne
    12Breakfast At Tiffanys (Club Rockerz Edit)Various Artists
    13Another Day In Paradise (Radio Mix) [feat. Fab]Various Artists
    14I Walk Alone (Radio Edit)Various Artists
    15Can't Stop Love (Crystal Lake Remix Edit) [feat. Pit Bailay]Andrew Spencer
    16Youth Of The Nation (DJ Gollum Remix Edit)Pulsedriver
    17Restless (DJ Gollum Radio Edit) [feat. KNA Connected]Hitmakers
    18Open Up The Dancefloor (US Edit) [feat. Fab]Various Artists
    19Dare Me (Discotronic Radio Edit)Various Artists
    20Bring Me To Life (DJ Gollum Hands Up Edit)Jan Wayne
    21Bring It Back (Empyre One vs Thomas Petersen Remix Edit)Brooklyn Bounce
    22All Of Me (Radio Mix)Various Artists
    23MegaBounce (Original Radio Mix)Various Artists
    24The Magical Mystery (Radio Edit) [feat. MC Villain]D-Block & S-Te-Fan
    25Running Late (Video Edit)Various Artists
    26Ain't Nobody (Radio Edit)The Pitcher
    27Gimme Love (Radio Edit)Various Artists
    28Psychedelic (Radio Edit Cut)Headhunterz
    29Monstah (Radio Cut) [feat. Nikkita]Coone
    30System Activated (Radio Cut)A-Wak
    31This Is Hardstyle 2012 (Radio Edit)Various Artists
    32Alice In Wonderland 2k12 (Mach-10 Hardstyle Remix Edit) [Bonus Track]Hands Up Squad
    33Holiday 2k12 (Mach-10 Hardstyle Jump Edit) [Bonus Track]Patrick Jumpen
    34Club Bizarre (DJs from Mars FM Mix)Various Artists
    35Jailhouse Rock 2012 (DJs from Mars Radio Edit)Various Artists
    36Gangsta's Paradise 2k12 (Kylian Mash & Tim Resler Upgrade Radio Remix)Various Artists
    37Beep Beep Boom 2k12 (Thomas You Remix Edit) [feat. Mel Akai]The Banger Bros.
    38Sex Bass & Rock'n'Roll 2k12 (Gimbal & Sinan Remix Edit)Various Artists
    39Black Betty (PH Electro Remix Edit) [feat. Atomic Playboys]Die Hoerer
    40Say My Name (Radio Edit)Porter Robinson
    41Rock's Massive (Porter Robinson Radio Edit)Rock Massive
    42Mortal Kombat 2k12 (Gimbal & Sinan Dubstep 2012 Remix Radio Edit)Various Artists
    43Let Go With You (Radio Edit)Josh Money
    44Canda! (Greeoons Remix Edit)Various Artists
    45I Believe (DJs from Mars Radio Edit)Alex M.
    46Ghetto Supastar (Video Edit)Basslovers United
    47Girls (Video Edit) [feat. Akon]Various Artists
    48Your Love 2012 (DJs From Mars Edit)Topmodelz
    49She Drives Me Crazy (Andrew Spencer Remix Edit)DJ Skillmaster
    50Dance Hall Track (California Row Edit) [feat. Nicco]Tom Mountain
    51Fay (Radio Mix)Sunset Project meets Steve Stio
    52Love Life (Radio Edit)Tale & Dutch
    53Englishman In New York (Radio Edit)PH Electro
    54Missing 2012 (PH Electro Radio Edit)Rikah
    55Toms Diner (PH Electro Radio Edit)Various Artists
    56Show Me 10 (Explode 3) [Darius & Finlay Video Mix]Various Artists
    57Gangsta's Paradise 2k12 (Bernasconi & Farenthide Radio Mix) [Bonus Remix Track]Various Artists
    58Tell Me Why I'm Crying Out (DJs from Mars Radio Edit) [feat. Nevermind]Various Artists
    59She Drives Me Crazy (DJs from Mars Single Edit) [Bonus Remix Track]DJ Skillmaster
    60Mortal Kombat 2k12 (Thomas You Electro Remix Edit) [Bonus Remix Track]DJ Analyzer vs Cary August
    61Run To You 2012 (DJ Gollum Handz Up Edit) [Bonus Track] {feat. Fab}Jan Wayne
    62Another Night 2k12 (Extended Mix)Rob Mayth
    63Boom (Extended Club Mix) [feat. Carlprit]ItaloBrothers
    64Girls (Dan Winter Club Mix) [Bonus Remix Track] {feat. Akon}Various Artists
    65Basket Case (Black Toys Club Remix)Basslovers United
    66Hangover 2k12 (Club Mix) [Bonus Track]Various Artists
    67Hold It Against Me (Club Mix)Various Artists
    68Shoulda (Jens O. vs. Ti-Mo Club Remix)Sunn
    69Shine 4U 2.0 (Original Dance Club Mix) [feat. Carmen & Camille]Punkrockerz
    70Jumping So High (Rocco vs Bass T Club Remix)Dj Zkydriver
    71L'amour toujours (I'll Fly With You) [DJ Gollum & Jan Wayne Club Remix]Rikah
    72Free Fallin (DJ Gollum Handz-Up Club Remix)Jan Wayne
    73Breakfast At Tiffanys (Club Rockerz Club Remix)Various Artists
    74Another Day In Paradise (Club Mix) [feat. Fab]Various Artists
    75I Walk Alone (Extended Club Mix)Various Artists
    76Can't Stop Love (Crystal Lake Club Remix) [feat. Pit Bailay]Andrew Spencer
    77Youth Of The Nation (DJ Gollum Club Remix)Pulsedriver
    78Restless (DJ Gollum Club Remix) [feat. KNA Connected]Hitmakers
    79Open Up The Dancefloor (US Extended Club Mix) [feat. Fab]Various Artists
    80Dare Me (Discotronic Club Remix)Various Artists
    81Bring Me To Life (DJ Gollum Hands Up Club Mix)Jan Wayne
    82Bring It Back (Empyre One vs Thomas Petersen Club Remix)Brooklyn Bounce
    83All Of Me (Club Mix)Various Artists
    84MegaBounce (Original Club Mix)Various Artists
    85The Magical Mystery (Original Club Mix) [feat. MC Villain]D-Block & S-Te-Fan
    86Running Late (Original Mix)Various Artists
    87Ain't Nobody (Original Club Mix)The Pitcher
    88Gimme Love (Original Club Mix)Various Artists
    89Psychedelic (Original Club Mix)Headhunterz
    90Monstah (Original Club Mix) [feat. Nikkita]Coone
    91System Activated (Original Club Mix)A-Wak
    92This Is Hardstyle (Club Mix)Various Artists
    93Alice In Wonderland 2012 (Mach-10 Hardstyle Club Remix)Hands Up Squad
    94Holiday 2k12 (Mach-10 Hardstyle Jump Club Mix)Patrick Jumpen
    95Club Bizarre (DJs from Mars Club Remix)Various Artists
    96Jailhouse Rock 2012 (DJs from Mars Club Remix)Various Artists
    97Gangsta's Paradise 2k11 (Kylian Mash & Tim Resler Upgrade Club Remix)Various Artists
    98Beep Beep Boom 2k12 (Thomas You Club Remix) [feat. Mel Akai]The Banger Bros.
    99Sex Bass & Rock'n'Roll 2K12 (Gimban & Sinan Club Remix)Various Artists
    100Black Betty (PH Electro Club Remix) [feat. Atomic Playboys]Die Hoerer
    101Say My Name (Original Club Mix)Porter Robinson
    102Rocks Massive (Porter Robinson Club Remix)Rock Massive
    103Mortal Kombat 2k12 (Gimbal & Sinan Dubstep 2012 Club Remix)Various Artists
    104Let Go With You (Club Mix)Josh Money
    105Canda! (Greeoons Club Remix)Various Artists
    106I Believe (DJs from Mars Club Remix)Alex M.
    107Ghetto Supastar (Extended Club Mix)Basslovers United
    108Girls (Club Mix) [feat. Akon]Various Artists
    109Your Love 2011 (DJs From Mars Club Remix)Topmodelz
    110She Drives Me Crazy (Andrew Spencer Club Remix)DJ Skillmaster
    111Dance Hall Track (California Row Club Mix) [feat. Nicco]Tom Mountain
    112Fay (Steve Stio Original Club Mix)Various Artists
    113Love Life (Original Club Mix)Tale & Dutch
    114Englishman In New York (Club Mix)PH Electro
    115Missing 2012 (PH Electro Club Remix)Rikah
    116Toms Diner (DJs from Mars Video Club Remix)Various Artists
    117Show Me 10 (Explode 3) [Darius & Finlay Club Mix]Various Artists
    118Gangsta's Paradise 2k11 (Bernasconi & Farenthide Club Remix)Various Artists
    119Tell Me Why I'm Crying Out (DJs from Mars Club Remix) [feat. Nevermind]Various Artists
    120She Drives Me Crazy (DJs from Mars Club Remix)DJ Skillmaster
    121Mortal Kombat 2k12 (Thomas You Electro Club Remix)Various Artists
    122Run To You (DJ Gollum Handz Up Club Mix) [feat. Fab]Jan Wayne

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