Umm hey, comin from Where I'm From (I'm from) ohhh yea

[Ja Rule]
Kids get killed in ghettos, shot up over the car limos
While they mom was at home, tears hittin the pillow
Where women in the middle in a serminal funereal
Shed a tear cause he lost his son the same way a year ago

It's the same egospiritual, we thuggin in harmony
They say death brings life, there exchange no robbery
If I'm wrong pardon me, me I'm just tired of poverty
Why them n****z in the hood never hit the lottery

Unless they go lottery, first round in the draft
First we dustin off the rounds and we slip in the mag'
Then we slip on the masks, and go out and mash
And we call it feeding our family

Y'all call it a tragedy, Damn
How I could just kill a man
His blood flow like a river and rinse his blood off of my hand
If you hearing me speak please Lord give me a chance
Please forgive me of my sins, cause we cleansed where I'm from

[Chorus] - [Lloyd]
Me and my n****z ride
Even when the sun don't shine and its cold outside
I never run in or hide, cause some n****z hate it
But I can't get faded cause I done made it
Instead of struggling or strive
Survive my weight how these ghetto streets of mine
This is coming from Where I'm From (I'm from)
We all walk back in line (yeah)

[Ja Rule]
Now everybody know that everybody said nobody can hide from beef
Except but us, who surprised when these kids get killed on the streets
Look how these animals eat that's how they talk bout us
While they shed they joke and laugh puttin a choke round us

Can I get a moment of SILENCE
'Cause they claimin it's the n****z that's causin all the violence
What bout the ones that protect to serve our honor
Poppin the blue colla', with shots soon to follow

The ghettos in horror, cause in this boy shot went back
And now the neighborhood hot and he can't move the crack
When it's all about the dollars
And he'll individually get murdered cause money is power

But then these snitch's get to talking and it's colder than ours
Cuffed and crimed on the bus heading straight to the Island
He was only 13, but tried us in the dope and as high as the coast
'Cause ain't no more children in the ghetto where I'm from


[Ja Rule]
We ain't all killers in prison
Matter fact that's a stereo typical thought of livin
'Cause they don't know about the hood and them love in it
Summer time top down with the wood finish

Pushin hard uptown windows slightly tinted
Back to back Benz and jeeps, blowin weed with my n****z
On our way to a house party, gonna f*** with some b****s
Let's get some liquor for shorty who said she make us some chicken

And if we get 'em drunk enough we probably could freak em, and do it every other weekend
If I don't have to kill n****z, I never would leave the ghetto
I'm like an angel that put on a halo, cradle the grave of my n****z that we
Lost in the ghetto

'Cause where I'm from in the ghetto we rock white tee's and nike's
Roll 3 dice and name our dope ice cream
Set trends and ya'll follow our lead
But in New Yitti n****z follow they dreams, where I'm from


Now I lay me down and sleep
And I pray to the Lord, for my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
Pray to the Lord, for my soul to take (Pray to the Lord, for my soul to take)

[Repeat Chorus]

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