Don't Want To See You Tomorrow

Don't Want To See You Tomorrow

The Jackson 5

Love has brougth us
To fork in the road
Giving us a choice
On two ways togo

My hope has always been
To stay with you
But you long to leave
So all along

Don't want to see tomorrow with out you girl
How can you leave after being this way
Don't want to see tomorrow w/o you girl
When love was so strong just yesterday

A little out of time
You gained control
You took my heart and mind
And my very soul

But even if I knew
What was to come
I could have take the blame
And left me just the same


Somebody can u wake me
From the feeling
This just can;t be for real
Must be mistaken
I can't believe u told after all time
But if it's really true
I think I'll just loose my mind


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