Song Book: Chapter a Day

Song Book: Chapter a Day

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1IntroJacob Miller
1Chapter a DayJacob Miller
2Forward Jah Jah ChildrenJacob Miller
2Shakey GirlJacob Miller
3Mr. BrownJacob Miller
3Westbound TrainJacob Miller
4Your Kiss Is SweetJacob Miller
4Jolly JosephJacob Miller
5SinnersJacob Miller
5CurfewJacob Miller
6Roman Soldiers of BabylonJacob Miller
6I've Got the HandleJacob Miller
7Here I Am BabyJacob Miller
7Mr. OfficerJacob Miller
8Standing FirmJacob Miller
880,000 Careless EthiopeansJacob Miller
9Tenement YardJacob Miller
9Healing of the NationJacob Miller
10Suzy WongJacob Miller
10All Night Till DaylightJacob Miller
11I Shall Be ReleasedJacob Miller
11Mixed Up MoodsJacob Miller
12Unfinished SymphonyJacob Miller
12Tired Fi Lick WeedJacob Miller
13Take a LiftJacob Miller
13We a RockersJacob Miller
14I'm a RastamanJacob Miller
14Once Upon a TimeJacob Miller
15Peace TreatyJacob Miller
15Forward Ever Backward NeverJacob Miller
16Discipline ChildJacob Miller
16Westbound TrainJacob Miller
17Forward Jah Jah ChildrenJacob Miller

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