Breaking Away

Breaking Away

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1Set Me FreeJaki Graham
1The Facts Of Love (7" b-side)Jaki Graham
2Breaking AwayJaki Graham
2Mated (Extended Version) (12" b-side)David Grant & Jaki Graham
3Still In LoveJaki Graham
3Stop The World (7" b-side)Jaki Graham
4Love Under MoonlightJaki Graham
4Set Me Free (Special Extended Remix) (Mark S Berry Remix)Jaki Graham
5Let's Get BlueJaki Graham
5Set Me Free (Dance 'Til You Drop Mix)Jaki Graham
6Stop The WorldJaki Graham
6Set Me Free (Extended Version)Jaki Graham
7Luv 2 MuchJaki Graham
7Breaking Away (Extended Version)Jaki Graham
8The Love Of Your LifeJaki Graham
8Breaking Away (Saz Version) (Feat. Molly Duncan)Jaki Graham Featuring Molly Duncan
9The Closest OneJaki Graham
9Breaking Away (Special Dub "Multi Band Delayed" Remix) (Gerry 'Rambo' Kitchingham Remix)Jaki Graham
10Step Right UpJaki Graham
10Love Me Tonight (Extended Version)Jaki Graham
11MatedDavid Grant & Jaki Graham
11Step Right Up (Pure Dance Mix)Jaki Graham
12Love Me TonightJaki Graham
12Step Right Up (Dub Mix)Jaki Graham
13The Megamix (Set Me Free / The Closest One / Step Right Up)Jaki Graham

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