Battle Beyond the Stars - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    • Battle Beyond the Stars - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    • Released in 2011
    • 52 Songs


    1Main TitleJames Horner
    2Malmori Rear GuardJames Horner
    3Love ThemeJames Horner
    4Cowboy and the JackersJames Horner
    5Nanelia's CaptureJames Horner
    6The HunterJames Horner
    7NaneliaJames Horner
    8The Battle BeginsJames Horner
    9The Maze BattleJames Horner
    10Gelt's DeathJames Horner
    11Nanelia and ShadJames Horner
    12Heading For SadorJames Horner
    13Cowboy's AttackJames Horner
    14Shad's PursuitJames Horner
    15Destruction of HammerheadJames Horner
    16Epilogue and End TitleJames Horner
    17Gelt’s ChamberAlan Howarth
    18Command Ship Radio ChatterAlan Howarth
    19Drone Chatter #1Alan Howarth
    20Drone Chatter #2Alan Howarth
    21Drone Chatter #3Alan Howarth
    22Drone Chatter #4Alan Howarth
    23Drone Chatter #6Alan Howarth
    24Drone Chatter #7Alan Howarth
    25Drone Chatter #8Alan Howarth
    26Drone Chatter #9Alan Howarth
    27Drone Chatter #10Alan Howarth
    28Drone Chatter #11Alan Howarth
    29Drone Chatter #12Alan Howarth
    30Drone Chatter #13Alan Howarth
    31Drone Chatter #14Various Artists
    32Laser Artillery #1Alan Howarth
    33Laser Artillery #2Alan Howarth
    34Laser Artillery #3Alan Howarth
    35Laser Artillery #4Alan Howarth
    36Stereo Fly-BysAlan Howarth
    37Pass-Bys With VocoderAlan Howarth
    38Hammerhead Low RumbleAlan Howarth
    39Nell Cave Launch - 1st StageAlan Howarth
    40Nell Cave Launch - 2nd StageAlan Howarth
    41Nell Cave Launch - 3rd StageAlan Howarth
    42Nell Fly AwayAlan Howarth
    43Nell Engine Build-UpAlan Howarth
    44Nell Exterior Fly-ByAlan Howarth
    45Nell Maneuvering ThrustersAlan Howarth
    46Bad Guy LasersAlan Howarth
    47Telemetry #1Alan Howarth
    48Laser BlastAlan Howarth
    49Sonic Tank Short BlastAlan Howarth
    50Sonic Tank Long BlastAlan Howarth
    51Drone Chatter #5 (Long Live Lord Sador)Alan Howarth
    52Theme from Battle Beyond The Stars (feat. The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)James Horner

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