Dog In The Yard (Album Version)

Dog In The Yard (Album Version)

Jamey Johnson

You don't have to keep me on no chain
I come a running when I hear you call my name
I must not be too hard to train
Took you no time at all

Ah you don't really like none of my friends
You never really know just where I've been
When I slip up on your porch at four AM
Like an old stray dog

You scratch me and you pet me
And you fight me
And even let me win
Now and then
You scold me you tease me
Then you hold me
And tell me I'm your friend
Making love to you babe
Ain't so hard
You treat me like a
Dog in the yard

Sometimes you kick at me when I'm down
And it drives you crazy when I just lay around
No matter what you do I think I've found
The perfect home

You treat me like a
Dog in the yard

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