A Cabinet Of Curiosities
    • A Cabinet Of Curiosities
    • Released in 2009
    • 43 Songs


    1Jane Says [Radio Tokyo Demo]Jane's Addiction
    2Pigs In Zen [Radio Tokyo Demo]Jane's Addiction
    3Mountain Song [Radio Tokyo Demo]Jane's Addiction
    4Had A Dad [Radio Tokyo Demo]Jane's Addiction
    5I Would For You [Radio Tokyo Demo]Jane's Addiction
    6Idiots Rule (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    7Classic Girl (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    8Up The Beach (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    9Suffer Some (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    10Thank You Boys (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    11Summertime Rolls (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    12City (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    13Ocean Size (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    14Stop! (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    15Standing In The Shower...Thinking (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    16Ain't No Right (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    17Three Days (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    18Ted, Just Admit It... (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    19Maceo (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    20No One's Leaving (Demo)Jane's Addiction
    21My Time (Rehearsal)Jane's Addiction
    22Been Caught Stealing (12" Remix Version)Jane's Addiction
    23RippleJane's Addiction
    24Don't Call Me Nigger, WhiteyJane's Addiction with Body Count
    25L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman / Nausea / Lexicon Devil [Live, 1989]Jane's Addiction
    26Kettle Whistle (Live, 1987)Jane's Addiction
    27Whole Lotta Love (Live, 1987)Jane's Addiction
    281970 (Live, 1987)Jane's Addiction
    29Bobhaus (Live, 1989)Jane's Addiction
    30Drum Intro (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    31Up The Beach (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    32Whores (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    331% (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    34No One's Leaving (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    35Ain't No Right (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    36Then She Did... (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    37Had A Dad (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    38Been Caught Stealing (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    39Three Days (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    40Mountain Song (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    41Stop! (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    42Summertime Rolls (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction
    43Ocean Size (Live, 1990)Jane's Addiction

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