The Pearl Sessions

The Pearl Sessions

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1Move OverJanis Joplin
1Overheard In The Studio...Janis Joplin
2Cry BabyJanis Joplin
2Get It While You Can (Take 3)Janis Joplin
3A Woman Left LonelyJanis Joplin
3Overheard In The Studio...Janis Joplin
4Half MoonJanis Joplin
4Get It While You Can (Take 5)Janis Joplin
5Buried Alive In the BluesJanis Joplin
5Overheard In The Studio...Janis Joplin
6My BabyJanis Joplin
6Move Over (Take 6)Janis Joplin
7Me and Bobby McGeeJanis Joplin
7Move Over (Take 13)Janis Joplin
8Mercedes BenzJanis Joplin
8Move Over (Take 17)Janis Joplin
9Trust MeJanis Joplin
9Me and Bobby McGee (Demo Version)Janis Joplin
10Get It While You CanJanis Joplin
10Me And Bobby McGee (Take 5 - Alternate)Janis Joplin
11Me And Bobby McGee (Mono Single)Janis Joplin
11Cry Baby (Alternate Version)Janis Joplin
12Half Moon (Mono Single)Janis Joplin
12A Woman Left Lonely (Alternate Vocal)Janis Joplin
13Cry Baby (Mono Single)Janis Joplin
13Overheard In The Studio...Janis Joplin
14Get It While You Can (Mono Single)Janis Joplin
14My Baby (Alternate Take)Janis Joplin
15Move Over Janis Joplin
15Overheard In The Studio...Janis Joplin
16A Woman Left Lonely (Mono Single)Janis Joplin
16Get It While You Can (Take 3)Janis Joplin
17My Baby (Alternate Version)Janis Joplin
18Pearl (Instrumental)Janis Joplin
19Tell Mama (Live Version)Janis Joplin
20Half Moon (Live From "The Dick Cavett Show")Janis Joplin

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