Floating (Peter Vistis Stella Remix)

Floating (Peter Vistis Stella Remix)


We took our first pill when
The music was shit
I said "fuck dancing all night"
But then that's just what we did
It felt like flooooating
It felt like floating

Your body was warm when
I laid by your side
I said "I'm glad I have found you
And I'm glad we're alive"
It feels like floooating
It seems like floooating
It seems like floating

We laid by the river
We looked at the stars
I said "how tiny we are girl,
How tiny we are!"
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating
It feels like floating

A lifetime is short, girl
And death is so long
I don't belive in no heaven
I just hope that I'm wrong
I hope we're floooating
I hope we're floating

'Cause watching the world
I don't understand
It just makes much more sense with
My hand in your hand
It feels like floooating

Written by EGAN, RICHARD
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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