2400 Fulton Street
    • 2400 Fulton Street
    • Released in 1987
    • 36 Songs


    1We Can Be TogetherJefferson Airplane
    1It's No SecretJefferson Airplane
    2Come Up The Years (Mono Version)Jefferson Airplane
    2Crown of CreationJefferson Airplane
    3My Best FriendJefferson Airplane
    3MexicoJefferson Airplane
    4Wooden ShipsJefferson Airplane
    4Somebody to LoveJefferson Airplane
    5Comin' Back To MeJefferson Airplane
    5RejoyceJefferson Airplane
    6Embryonic JourneyJefferson Airplane
    6VolunteersJefferson Airplane
    7She Has Funny CarsJefferson Airplane
    7Have You Seen The SaucersJefferson Airplane
    8Eat Starch MomJefferson Airplane
    8Let's Get Together (Mono Version)Jefferson Airplane
    9Blues From An AirplaneJefferson Airplane
    9Pretty As You FeelJefferson Airplane
    10J.P.P. Mc Step B. BluesJefferson Airplane
    10MarthaJefferson Airplane
    11TodayJefferson Airplane
    11Plastic Fantastic LoverJefferson Airplane
    12Wild TymeJefferson Airplane
    12TriadJefferson Airplane
    13The Ballad Of You & Me & PooneilJefferson Airplane
    13Third Week in the ChelseaJefferson Airplane
    14A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, ShortlyJefferson Airplane
    14Good ShepherdJefferson Airplane
    15White RabbitJefferson Airplane
    15Eskimo Blue DayJefferson Airplane
    16Won't You Try Saturday AfternoonJefferson Airplane
    16The Levi CommercialsJefferson Airplane
    17LatherJefferson Airplane
    18Fat AngelJefferson Airplane
    19The Last Wall Of The CastleJefferson Airplane
    20Greasy HeartJefferson Airplane

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