The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of

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1Here Comes SummerJerry Keller
1LovableJerry Keller
2(Look Over Your Shoulder) I'm Walking Behind YouJerry Keller
2Don't Count On MeJerry Keller
3My Name Ain't JoeJerry Keller
3Young LoveJerry Keller
4Foolin' AroundJerry Keller
4Unchained MelodyJerry Keller
5Your Cheatin' HeartJerry Keller
5Lonesome LullabyJerry Keller
6The Faster The BetterJerry Keller
6Little Girl Of The BeachJerry Keller
7Time Has A WayJerry Keller
7Goodnight Pretty GirlJerry Keller
8Now, Now, NowJerry Keller
8My Year Of LoveJerry Keller
9There Are Such ThingsJerry Keller
9I Don't Think I Can Make It If You GoJerry Keller
10Please Sing To MeJerry Keller
10The Glory Of LoveJerry Keller
11White For You And Blues For MeJerry Keller
11Wind Me Up And DanceJerry Keller
12True LoveJerry Keller
12If I Had A GirlJerry Keller
13The Tears Keep Falling DownJerry Keller
13American Beauty RoseJerry Keller
14Nobody Left For WarJerry Keller
14Turn Down DayJerry Keller
15The Gospel TruthJerry Keller
15She's A Travelling ChildJerry Keller
16I'll Get ByJerry Keller
16Sea Shell SherryJerry Keller
17Never Wake UpJerry Keller
17Sixth Avenue StrollJerry Keller
18Some SummerJerry Keller
18DilemmaJerry Keller
19Bee Bee BabyJerry Keller
19A Man And A WomanJerry Keller
20What Happens When He Comes HomeJerry Keller
20She's Just A Quiet GirlJerry Keller
21What More Can I Say?Jerry Keller
21My Heart Loves The SambaJerry Keller
22The KnackJerry Keller
22You're Leanin' On My MindJerry Keller
23What Will I Tell My Darling?Jerry Keller
23It's Too LateJerry Keller
24Don't Count On Me (Version 2)Jerry Keller
24The Mystic Turns Me OnJerry Keller
25A Wandering StrangerJerry Keller
25Summer SadnessJerry Keller
26The Fickle Finger Of FateJerry Keller
26One Little GirlJerry Keller
27Mystery ManJerry Keller
27Small WonderJerry Keller
28Sixteen Going On SeventeenJerry Keller
28Luke Warm Lovin'Jerry Keller
29The Girl That I MarryJerry Keller
29Whole HeartedlyJerry Keller
30Be Careful How You Drive Young JoeyJerry Keller

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