See You Around

See You Around

Jesse Camp

Yo, Keith, wake up
We ain't gonna make it to school this mornin'
We missed the bus
So we better hitch with Stitch's

I know you only get 16 sick days
We're up to 22 just livin' in a daze
I'll get Susie to write us up a note
That'll get us out I know it's gotta float

I'll see you around
I'll see you around
I'll see you around
I'll see you around

If things get too tight I'll say
"Yo, teach, I got to go see the school shrink"
I'll act all crazy then you stash them pills
Them that make us think

Grab some condoms too 'cause Susie's gettin' loose
I'd rather neck in the woods than listen to all of you
If the teacher asks where Mr. Camp can be found
Tell her I left class 'cause I was feelin' kinda down then laugh

I'll see you around
So goodbye teachers
I'll see you around
Under the bleachers
I'll see you around

What do ya mean? I'm supposed to be in class
Go back to class, I am in class
No, I did not just join the girls volleyball team
Thank you very much
No, we're just working on our chemistry
It starts with your ups and a little kinetic school

This is big 'ol messy Jesse coming over
Saying hi to my boys in the bathroom stalls
And my girls smokin' in the halls
You're excused let's cut out 'cause school is gone

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