Love Me To Pieces

Love Me To Pieces

Jill Corey

Why don't you love me to pieces, baby
Squeeze me 'til I'm crazy
Hold me the way you used to do
You know that my love is growin' stronger
And I can't wait no longer
Been saving my love just for you

Hold me, thrill me, squeeze me so tight
Miss me, kiss me, all day and night

Why don't you love me to pieces, darlin'
No use in us quarreling
I only need your loving arms
You know that I'm plumb mad about you
I couldn't live without you
I'm just wild about your charms

(Repeat first two verses)
Why don't you love me to pieces, honey
Squeeze me 'til it ain't funny
Give me the kisses that I crave
You know that I'll never ever leave you
And I'll never ever grieve you
You know that I want to be your slave

Written by ENDSLEY
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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