• Anthology
    • Released in 2003
    • 42 Songs


    1Miss JamaicaJimmy Cliff
    1Struggling ManJimmy Cliff
    2Better Days Are ComingJimmy Cliff
    2Hurricane HattieJimmy Cliff
    3Sooner Or LaterJimmy Cliff
    3King Of KingsJimmy Cliff
    4WaterfallJimmy Cliff
    4House Of ExileJimmy Cliff
    5Time Will TellJimmy Cliff
    5Actions Speak Louder Than WordsJimmy Cliff
    6Wonderful World, Beautiful PeopleJimmy Cliff
    6If I Follow My MindJimmy Cliff
    7Come Into My LifeJimmy Cliff
    7Brave WarriorJimmy Cliff
    8Hard Road To TravelJimmy Cliff
    8Stand Up And Fight BackJimmy Cliff
    9VietnamJimmy Cliff
    9I Am The LivingJimmy Cliff
    10Many Rivers To CrossJimmy Cliff
    10Love AgainJimmy Cliff
    11Sufferin' In The LandJimmy Cliff
    11What Are You Doing With Your LifeJimmy Cliff
    12Shelter Of Your LoveJimmy Cliff
    12Use What I GotJimmy Cliff
    13Give The People What They WantJimmy Cliff
    13You Can Get It If You Really WantJimmy Cliff
    14Let Your Yeah Be YeahJimmy Cliff
    14Rub-A-Dub PartnersJimmy Cliff
    15Wild WorldJimmy Cliff
    15We Are All OneJimmy Cliff
    16Bongo ManJimmy Cliff
    16Club ParadiseJimmy Cliff
    17Sitting In LimboJimmy Cliff
    17Love Me Love MeJimmy Cliff
    18Goodbye YesterdayJimmy Cliff
    18She Was So Right For MeJimmy Cliff
    19The Harder They ComeJimmy Cliff
    19I Can See Clearly NowJimmy Cliff
    20TrappedJimmy Cliff
    21Oh JamaicaJimmy Cliff
    22Fundamental ReggayJimmy Cliff
    23Under The Sun, Moon And StarsJimmy Cliff

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