Blues Legend 1921-2012
    • Blues Legend 1921-2012
    • Released in 2013
    • 92 Songs


    1I'm Gonna Have My FunJimmy McCracklin
    1You're the OneJimmy McCracklin
    2You Don't Love MeJimmy McCracklin
    2Give My Heart a BreakJimmy McCracklin
    3Looking for a WomanJimmy McCracklin
    3Reconsider BabyJimmy McCracklin
    4ArkansasJimmy McCracklin
    4Ragged as a Mop (Hamburger Joint)Jimmy McCracklin
    5I Got to KnowJimmy McCracklin
    5Bad Health BluesJimmy McCracklin
    6You Deceived MeJimmy McCracklin
    6Lost MindJimmy McCracklin
    7Make Love to MeJimmy McCracklin
    7Gotta Cut OutJimmy McCracklin
    8Copyright on Your LoveJimmy McCracklin
    8Rockin' All DayJimmy McCracklin
    9Just Won't Let Her GoJimmy McCracklin
    9Don't Have to WorryJimmy McCracklin
    10Up and Down BluesJimmy McCracklin
    10Cry OnJimmy McCracklin
    11Beer Drinkin' WomanJimmy McCracklin
    11Darlin' Share Your LoveJimmy McCracklin
    12Deceivin' BluesJimmy McCracklin
    12Where I Got My StartJimmy McCracklin
    13I Think My Time Is HereJimmy McCracklin
    13I Told Ya MamaJimmy McCracklin
    14Just Couldn't Take My RestJimmy McCracklin
    14Gonna Find Another WomanJimmy McCracklin
    15When You Was a Little GirlJimmy McCracklin
    15My Life Depends on YouJimmy McCracklin
    16Something About YouJimmy McCracklin
    16Your Heart Ain't RightJimmy McCracklin
    17Love When It RainsJimmy McCracklin
    17That Ain't RightJimmy McCracklin
    18Gonna Tell Your MotherJimmy McCracklin
    18I'll Get a Break SomedayJimmy McCracklin
    19Couldn't Be a DreamJimmy McCracklin
    19Railroad BluesJimmy McCracklin
    20Josephine (Just Won't Let Her Go)Jimmy McCracklin
    20Sue and PatJimmy McCracklin
    21I Can't Understand LoveJimmy McCracklin
    21Please Forgive Me, BabyJimmy McCracklin
    22Bad Condition BluesJimmy McCracklin
    22The Panic's OnJimmy McCracklin
    23Listen WomanJimmy McCracklin
    23Blues Blasters BoogieJimmy McCracklin
    24You Look so FineJimmy McCracklin
    24Rock and Rye, Pt. 1Jimmy McCracklin
    25Night and DayJimmy McCracklin
    25Rock and Rye, Pt. 2Jimmy McCracklin
    26South Side MoodJimmy McCracklin
    26EverytimeJimmy McCracklin
    27When I'm GoneJimmy McCracklin
    27We Could Make a Go I KnowJimmy McCracklin
    28Hello BabyJimmy McCracklin
    28She's My BabyJimmy McCracklin
    29Blues and TroubleJimmy McCracklin
    29Low Down MoodJimmy McCracklin
    30I Don't Want No WomanJimmy McCracklin
    30Blues Blasters ShuffleJimmy McCracklin
    31Jimmy's BluesJimmy McCracklin
    31Hear My StoryJimmy McCracklin
    32The EndJimmy McCracklin
    32Big Foot MamaJimmy McCracklin
    33Playin' on MeJimmy McCracklin
    33Pleasin' PapaJimmy McCracklin
    34Miss Minnie Lee BluesJimmy McCracklin
    34Share and Share AlikeJimmy McCracklin
    35Rock and RyeJimmy McCracklin
    35The CheaterJimmy McCracklin
    36Special for YouJimmy McCracklin
    36She Felt Too GoodJimmy McCracklin
    37House Rockin' BluesJimmy McCracklin
    37You Had Your ChanceJimmy McCracklin
    38She's a WinoJimmy McCracklin
    38She's GoneJimmy McCracklin
    39My Days Are LimitedJimmy McCracklin
    39Bad Luck and TroubleJimmy McCracklin
    40I Am TiredJimmy McCracklin
    40Ola MayJimmy McCracklin
    41Street Loafin' WomanJimmy McCracklin
    41Movin' on Down the LineJimmy McCracklin
    42Achin' HeartJimmy McCracklin
    42Blues for the PeopleJimmy McCracklin
    43Baby, Don't You Want to GoJimmy McCracklin
    43That's LifeJimmy McCracklin
    44Mean Mistreated LoverJimmy McCracklin
    44What's Your Phone NumberJimmy McCracklin
    45Rockin' ManJimmy McCracklin
    45Highway 101Jimmy McCracklin
    46True Love BluesJimmy McCracklin
    46Miss Mattie Left MeJimmy McCracklin

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