The Complete Chess Recordings

The Complete Chess Recordings

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  • The Complete Chess Recordings


1That's All RightJimmy Rogers
1Walking By MyselfJimmy Rogers
2LuedellaJimmy Rogers
2I Can't BelieveJimmy Rogers
3Goin' Away BabyJimmy Rogers
3One KissJimmy Rogers
4Today, Today BluesJimmy Rogers
4What Have I DoneJimmy Rogers
5I Used To Have A WomanJimmy Rogers
5My Baby Don't Love Me No MoreJimmy Rogers
6The World's In A TangleJimmy Rogers
6Trace Of YouJimmy Rogers
7She Loves Another ManJimmy Rogers
7Don't You Know My BabyJimmy Rogers
8Money, Marbles And ChalkJimmy Rogers
8Don't Turn Me DownJimmy Rogers
9Hard Working ManJimmy Rogers
9Looka HereJimmy Rogers
10Chance To LoveJimmy Rogers
10This Has Never BeenJimmy Rogers
11My Little MachineJimmy Rogers
11Rock This HouseJimmy Rogers
12Back Door FriendJimmy Rogers
12My Last MealJimmy Rogers
13Crying ShameJimmy Rogers
13You Don't KnowJimmy Rogers
14Mistreated BabyJimmy Rogers
14Can't Keep From WorryingJimmy Rogers
15The Last TimeJimmy Rogers
15LuedellaJimmy Rogers
16What's The MatterJimmy Rogers
16Act Like You Love MeJimmy Rogers
17Out On The RoadJimmy Rogers
17What Have I DoneJimmy Rogers
18Left Me With A Broken HeartJimmy Rogers
18My Baby Don't Love Me No MoreJimmy Rogers
19Act Like You Love MeJimmy Rogers
19Trace Of YouJimmy Rogers
20Blues All Day Long (Blues Leave Me Alone)Jimmy Rogers
20Don't You Know My BabyJimmy Rogers
21Chicago BoundJimmy Rogers
21Don't Turn Me DownJimmy Rogers
22Sloppy DrunkJimmy Rogers
22This Has Never BeenJimmy Rogers
23You're The OneJimmy Rogers
23Rock This HouseJimmy Rogers
24You're The OneJimmy Rogers
24My Last MealJimmy Rogers
25If It Ain't Me (Who Are You Thinking Of)Jimmy Rogers
25You Don't KnowJimmy Rogers
26Can't Keep From WorryingJimmy Rogers

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