The Road From Connemara

The Road From Connemara

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  • The Road From Connemara


1The Two GreyhoundsJoe Heaney
1My Bonny Boy Is YoungJoe Heaney
2The West of IrelandJoe Heaney
2The Old Woman of WexfordJoe Heaney
3SkibbereenJoe Heaney
3The Banks of ClaudyJoe Heaney
4Éamonn an ChnoieJoe Heaney
4Bean PháidínJoe Heaney
5The Song of the EelJoe Heaney
5My Boy WillyJoe Heaney
6Pasty McCannJoe Heaney
6As I Roved outJoe Heaney
7The Brown BlackthornJoe Heaney
7Story and SongJoe Heaney
8Caroline and her Young Sailor BoldJoe Heaney
8The Hag With The MoneyJoe Heaney
9Fishing in ConnemaraJoe Heaney
9The Lonely Woods of UptonJoe Heaney
10Song of the DrowningJoe Heaney
10O'Brian from TipperaryJoe Heaney
11Ireland, Love of my heartJoe Heaney
11Singing in ConnemaraJoe Heaney
12CúnnlaJoe Heaney
12The Jug of PunchJoe Heaney
13The Tennis RightJoe Heaney
13The Ferocious O' FlahertysJoe Heaney
14The Widow from MayoJoe Heaney
14Enach CuainJoe Heaney
15The Harp without the CrownJoe Heaney
15There is a fair tomorrow in the County Clare- The ShoemakerJoe Heaney
16The Glen of AherlowJoe Heaney
16SuantraíJoe Heaney
17Farewell to the Worries of LifeJoe Heaney
17Adive to Young SingersJoe Heaney
18The Old Man Rocking the CradleJoe Heaney
18The Valley of KnockanureJoe Heaney
19The Valley of KnockanureJoe Heaney
20Whiskey O Roudeldum-RowJoe Heaney
21Barbary EllenJoe Heaney

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