80 Reggae Roots Songs

80 Reggae Roots Songs

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  • 80 Reggae Roots Songs


1Better CollieHorace Andy
2Zion GateHorace Andy
3Move Out Of BabylonJohnny Clarke
4Enter Into His GatesJohnny Clarke
5TribulationDon Carlos
6Jah Is MightyLeroy Smart
7My Guiding StarHorace Andy
8Back WehDon Carlos
9Sweet AfricaDon Carlos
10Wicked BabylonLinval Thompson
11Money MoneyLinval Thompson
12Run BabylonMax Romeo
13100lbs Of CollieCornel Campbell
14Money Is The Root Of All EvilHorace Andy
15Big Big GirlLinval Thompson
16It Grieves My HeartHorace Andy
17Don't Try To Use MeHorace Andy
18Trying To Wreck My LifeLeroy Smart
19Life Is A Funny ThingLeroy Smart
20Roots Natty CongoJohnny Clarke
21Just Groove With MeDon Carlos
22King Of The ArenaJohnny Clark
23Let The PowerMax Romeo
24Bad Man Comes and GoesRod Taylor
25PoliticianBarry Brown
26Don't Try to UseHorace Andy
27Crazy BaldheadJohnny Clarke
28The Wage of CrimeJoe Higgs
29Sata Masa GanaKen Boothe
31Step It UpBarry Brown
32African WorldwideDillinger
33Satta DreadWayne Jarret
34Jah Jah ConquerorLinval Thompson
35Give Thanks & PraiseBarry Brown
36Repartriate Out Of RomePrince Alla
37Don't Want To Be a Rude BoyJohnny Clarke
38Truth and LightDillinger
39Trial and CrossesDillinger
40Natty Dread in a Greenwich FarmCornel Campbell
41None Shall Escape the JudegementJohnny Clarke
42Natty Dread Take OverMax Romeo
43Long Long DreadlocksLinval Thompson
44Every Knee Shall BowU-Roy
45Jah Show Them The WayDillinger
46Jah Is The OneHorace Andy
47Johnny Big MouthDon Carlos
48I Don't Like ItLeroy Smart
49Joshua's WordJohnny Clarke
50Natty Dread A RulerDillinger
51Babylon Leggo Jah ChildrenDillinger
52See and BlindDillinger
53The Fool & His MoneyDillinger
54Fernando SanchoDillinger
55MirrorLeroy Smart
56Man Size DubDillinger
57Declaration Of RightsJohnny Clarke
58Don't Cut Off Your DreadlocksLinval Thompson
59Play Fool Fe Get WiseJohnny Clarke
60Don't Take Another Man's LifeDillinger
61Don't Trouble TroubleLinval Thompson
62No EscapeLinval Thompson
63DrifterCornel Campbell
64Rainbow CountryDennis Brown
65Blood DunzaJohnny Clarke
66Leggo ViolenceDillinger
67Stop Fussing & FightingDon Carlos
68Spread OutDon Carlos
69Money & WomanDon Carlos
70African PeopleJah Stitch
71All I Want to Do Is Praise JahPatrick Andy
72Autumn SeasonJah Stitch
73Babylon a FightMichael Rose
74Beautiful AfricaI-Roy
75Call on JahBarry Brown
76Ababa JohnDon Carlos
77A Big Big PollutionBarry Brown
78Bless YouHorace Andy
79Don't Touch I DreadI-Roy
80Feel Jah SpiritU-Roy

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