King Of The Highland Pipers

King Of The Highland Pipers

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  • King Of The Highland Pipers


1Bundle and Go / Over the Water to Charlie / CampbeltownLoch / Joy Go With My Love / Traigh Cruinard / Morag (6/8 Marches)John Burgess
2Slow AirBonnie Argyl
3Salute on the Birth of Rory Mor MacLeod (Pibroch)John Burgess
4Colonel Robertson / The 72 Highlander's Farewell to Edinburgh / Major John MacLennan (6/8 Marches)John Burgess
5Leaving Ardtornish / The Geese in the Bog (Slow Air & Jig)John Burgess
6The Swallowtailed Coat, The Mallow Men / Pipe Mjr Grorges Allen / Jockey on the Braes of Abernathy / Wee Alex - Fort William / Paddy Kelly's Stump / The Boys of Bluehill, The Ballachulish Walkabout (Hornpipes)John Burgess
7Lord Alexander Kennedy / Tulloch Gorum / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran (March, Strathspey & Reel)John Burgess
8Duncan Johnstone / Farewell to Nigg (Hornpipe & Retreat March)John Burgess
9The Baldoozer / Center's Bonnet / Cork Hill / John McDonalds Jig (Jigs)John Burgess
10Loch Monar (Air)John Burgess
11The Ewe Wi' the Crookit Horn / The Rejected Suitor (MSR)John Burgess
12Donald MacLean / Paddy's Leather Breeches (Jigs)John Burgess
13The Desperate Battle of the Birds (Pibroch)John Burgess
14The Old Wife's Dance / The Kitchen Maid / The Irish Washerwoman (Jigs)John Burgess
15The Wandering Piper (Air)John Burgess
16Parker's Welcome to Perthshire / Achany Glen (Marches)John Burgess
17The Duchess of Edinburgh / Thick Lies the Mist On Yonder Hill / Rose Among the Heather / High Road to Linton (MSR)John Burgess
18The Pretty Apron / The Highland Lassie Going To The Fair / The Ladies From Hell / Delvin Side (Marches)John Burgess

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