A Giant Step In Jazz
    • A Giant Step In Jazz
    • Released in 2007
    • 60 Songs


    1Stairway To The StarsMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    2The Late Late BluesMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    3Bags & TraneMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    4Three Little WordsMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    5The Night We Called It A DayMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    6Be-BopMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    7Blues Legacy (Alternate Take)Milt Jackson & John Coltrane
    8CenterpieceMilt Jackson & John Coltrane
    9Giant Steps (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    10Naima (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    11Like Sonny (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    12SpiralJohn Coltrane
    13CountdownJohn Coltrane
    14CountdownJohn Coltrane
    15Syeeda's Song FluteJohn Coltrane
    16Syeeda's Song Flute (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    17Mr. P.C.John Coltrane
    18Giant StepsJohn Coltrane
    19Cousin MaryJohn Coltrane
    20Cousin Mary (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    21I'll Wait And PrayJohn Coltrane
    22I'll Wait And Pray (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    23Little Old LadyJohn Coltrane
    24Like SonnyJohn Coltrane
    25HarmoniqueJohn Coltrane
    26My Shining HourJohn Coltrane
    27NaimaJohn Coltrane
    28Some Other BluesJohn Coltrane
    29Fifth HouseJohn Coltrane
    30CherrycoJohn Coltrane Don Cherry
    31The BlessingJohn Coltrane Don Cherry
    32Focus On SanityJohn Coltrane Don Cherry
    33The InvisibleJohn Coltrane Don Cherry
    34Bemsha SwingJohn Coltrane Don Cherry
    35Village BluesJohn Coltrane
    36Village Blues (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    37My Favorite ThingsJohn Coltrane
    38Central Park WestJohn Coltrane
    39Mr. SymsJohn Coltrane
    40Untitled Original (Alternate Take) (Exotica)John Coltrane
    41SummertimeJohn Coltrane
    42Body And SoulJohn Coltrane
    43Body And Soul (Alternate Take)John Coltrane
    44Mr. KnightJohn Coltrane
    45Blues To ElvinJohn Coltrane
    46Mr. DayJohn Coltrane
    47Blues To You (Alternate Take 1)John Coltrane
    48Blues To YouJohn Coltrane
    49Blues To BechetJohn Coltrane
    50SatelliteJohn Coltrane
    51Everytime We Say GoodbyeJohn Coltrane
    5226-2John Coltrane
    53But Not For MeJohn Coltrane
    54LiberiaJohn Coltrane
    55The Night Has A Thousand EyesJohn Coltrane
    56EquinoxJohn Coltrane
    57OleJohn Coltrane
    58Dahomey DanceJohn Coltrane
    59AishaJohn Coltrane
    60To Her Ladyship (Original Untitled Ballad)John Coltrane

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