John Coltrane Six of the Best LP Collection
    • John Coltrane Six of the Best LP Collection
    • Released in 2012
    • 31 Songs


    1Blue Train ( from Blue Train)John Coltrane
    2Aisha (Ole Coltrane )John Coltrane
    3Bakai (from Coltrane)John Coltrane
    4Chronic Blues (from Coltrane)John Coltrane
    5Countdown (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    6Cousin Mary (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    7Dahomey Dance (Ole Coltrane )John Coltrane
    8E.F.F.P.H (On West 42nd Street)John Coltrane
    9Giant Steps (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    10I Hear A Rhapsody (Lush Life)John Coltrane
    11I love You (Lush Life)John Coltrane
    12I'm Old Fashioned ( from Blue Train)John Coltrane
    13Lazy Bird ( from Blue Train)John Coltrane
    14Like Someone In Love (Lush Life)John Coltrane
    15Locomotion ( from Blue Train)John Coltrane
    16Lush Life (Lush Life)John Coltrane
    17Moment's Notice ( from Blue Train)John Coltrane
    18Mr P.C (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    19Naima (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    20Ole (Ole Coltrane )John Coltrane
    21Rhodumagnetics (On West 42nd Street)John Coltrane
    22Snuffy (On West 42nd Street)John Coltrane
    23Spiral (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    24Straight Street (from Coltrane)John Coltrane
    25Syeeda's Song Flute (Giant Steps)John Coltrane
    26Tome Was (from Coltrane)John Coltrane
    27Trane's Slow Blues (Lush Life)John Coltrane
    28Violets For Your Furs (from Coltrane)John Coltrane
    29Wells Fargo (On West 42nd Street)John Coltrane
    30West 42nd Street (On West 42nd Street)John Coltrane
    31While My Lady Sleeps (from Coltrane)John Coltrane

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