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1Abdelazer : RondoJohn Eliot Gardiner
2Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary : "Man that is born of a woman"John Eliot Gardiner
3Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary : MarchJohn Eliot Gardiner
4Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary : CanzonaJohn Eliot Gardiner
5Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary : "In the midst of life we are in death"John Eliot Gardiner
6Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary : "Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts"John Eliot Gardiner
7King Arthur Z628 : Act 5 "Fairest Isle" [Venus]John Eliot Gardiner
8Trumpet Sonata in D major Z850 : I AllegroJohn Eliot Gardiner
9Trumpet Sonata in D major Z850 : II AdagioJohn Eliot Gardiner
10Trumpet Sonata in D major Z850 : III AllegroJohn Eliot Gardiner
11"Come ye sons of art" Z323 [Birthday Song for Queen Mary, 1694] : II Ritornello & ChorusJohn Eliot Gardiner
12"Come ye sons of art" Z323 [Birthday Song for Queen Mary, 1694] : III Sound the TrumpetJohn Eliot Gardiner
13Dido & Aeneas : Act 3 "Thy hand, Belinda...When I am laid in earth" [Dido]John Eliot Gardiner
14Oedipus Z583 : Act 3 "Music for a while"Sumi Jo
15"O dive custos Auriacae domus" Z504 [Elegy on the Death of Queen Mary, 1695]Tragicomedia
16King Arthur, Z.628, Act 2: AirJohn Eliot Gardiner
17King Arthur, Z.628, Act 3: Prelude "What ho! thou genius of this isle" (Cupid)John Eliot Gardiner
18King Arthur, Z.628, Act 3: "What power art thou" (Cold Genius)John Eliot Gardiner
19King Arthur, Z.628, Act 3: Prelude "See, see, we assemble" (Chorus)John Eliot Gardiner
20King Arthur, Z.628, Act 3: "Tis I that have warm'd ye... Tis Love that has warm'd us" (Cupid, Chorus)John Eliot Gardiner
21King Arthur, Z.628, Act 3: "Sound a parley" (Chorus, Cupid, Genius)John Eliot Gardiner
22King Arthur, Z.628, Act 3: HornpipeJohn Eliot Gardiner
23Hail! Bright Cecilia, Z.328: XIV "Hail! Bright Cecilia" (Altos, Tenor, Bass, Chorus)John Eliot Gardiner
24"Remember not, Lord, our offences" Z50Chanticleer
25A New Scotch Tune in G major Z655Olivier Baumont
26A New Irish Tune in G major Z646Olivier Baumont
27"Rejoice in the Lord alway" Z49Chanticleer
28Dido & Aeneas : OvertureWilliam Christie
29Dido & Aeneas : Act 2 Prelude for the Witches "Wayward sisters, you that fright" [Sorceress] "Harm's our delight" [Chorus]William Christie
30Dido & Aeneas : Act 2 "The Queen of Carthage" ... "Ho! ho! ho!" [Sorceress, First Witch, Chorus]William Christie
31Dido & Aeneas : Act 2 "But ere we this perform" [First Witch, Second Witch]William Christie
32Dido & Aeneas : Act 1 "In our deep vaulted cell... Echo Dance of Furies" [Chorus]William Christie
33The Indian Queen, Z.630, Act 3: Trumpet OvertureJohn Eilot Gardiner
34Hornpipe in E minor ZT685Olivier Baumont
35Ground in D minor ZD222Olivier Baumont
36Chacony in G minor Z730Il Giardino Armonico
37Fantasia 'Three Parts upon a Ground' Z731Gustav Leonhardt
38Fantasia a 4 No.7Gustav Leonhardt
39A New Ground in E minor Z682Gustav Leonhardt
40"Now that the sun has veiled his light" Z193 [An Evening Hymn]Chanticleer
41"Hear My Prayer, O Lord" Z15Chanticleer
42"My heart is inditing" Z30Chanticleer
43The Tempest, Z.631/10, Act 4: Dance of DevilsJohn Eliot Gardiner
44The Tempest, Z.631/10, Act 4: The sailor's danceJohn Eliot Gardiner
45The Tempest, Z.631/10, Act 5: "No stars again shall hurt you" (Amphitrite, Neptune, Chorus)John Eliot Gardiner
46The Fairy Queen : Act 5 "Thrice happy lovers" [Juno]Ton Koopman
47The Fairy Queen : Act 5 "O let me ever, ever weep" [Soprano]Ton Koopman

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