The Collection
    • The Collection
    • Released in 2013
    • 64 Songs


    1No Such ThingJohn Mayer
    1Clarity John Mayer
    1Who Did You Think I Was (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    1Waiting on the World to ChangeJohn Mayer
    1Heartbreak WarfareJohn Mayer
    2Why GeorgiaJohn Mayer
    2Bigger Than My BodyJohn Mayer
    2Good Love Is On The Way (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    2I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You) John Mayer
    2All We Ever Do Is Say GoodbyeJohn Mayer
    3My Stupid MouthJohn Mayer
    3Something's Missing John Mayer
    3Wait Until Tomorrow (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    3Belief John Mayer
    3Half of My HeartJohn Mayer
    4Your Body Is a WonderlandJohn Mayer
    4New Deep John Mayer
    4Gravity (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    4Gravity John Mayer
    4Who SaysJohn Mayer
    5NeonJohn Mayer
    5Come Back to Bed John Mayer
    5Vultures (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    5The Heart of Life John Mayer
    5Perfectly LonelyJohn Mayer
    6City LoveJohn Mayer
    6Home Life John Mayer
    6Out Of My Mind (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    6Vultures John Mayer
    6AssassinJohn Mayer
    783John Mayer
    7Split Screen Sadness John Mayer
    7Another Kind Of Green (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    7Stop This Train John Mayer
    7CrossroadsJohn Mayer
    83x5John Mayer
    8Daughters John Mayer
    8I Got A Woman (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    8Slow Dancing in a Burning Room John Mayer
    8War of My LifeJohn Mayer
    9Love Song for No OneJohn Mayer
    9Only Heart John Mayer
    9Something's Missing (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    9Bold As Love John Mayer
    9Edge of DesireJohn Mayer
    10Back to YouJohn Mayer
    10Wheel John Mayer
    10Daughters (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    10Dreaming With A Broken Heart John Mayer
    10Do You Know MeJohn Mayer
    11Great IndoorsJohn Mayer
    11Try (Live In Concert)John Mayer Trio
    11In Repair John Mayer
    11Friends, Lovers or NothingJohn Mayer
    12Not MyselfJohn Mayer
    12I'm Gonna Find Another You John Mayer
    13St. Patrick's DayJohn Mayer
    13SayJohn Mayer
    14Vultures (Live)John Mayer
    15Belief (Live)John Mayer
    16Waiting on the World to Change (Live)John Mayer
    17Dreaming With A Broken Heart (Live)John Mayer
    18I Don't Need No Doctor (Live)John Mayer
    19Gravity (Live)John Mayer

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