John Mayer

Do not waste this evening
Baby I'm begging you
Your big imagination's playing its tricks on you
If you think my up and leavings something I'm gonna do
Feel my chest when I look at you
Baby you

You got my only heart
Yea, you got my only heart
Yea, you got my only
Only heart

It's so hard to be so far out
Living our separate lives
Your phone was really broken
I tried your number twice
If you need confirmation, baby I understand
It's alright if you want me to
Tell you you


And you love like your hand's on the horn, baby
I adore you but there's still a hole in the cup that should hold your love
If you let me leave
I swear I never will

Remember now you


Written by MAYER, JOHN
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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