Legends of Another Era: John Mccormack; Bigger Than the Beatles in the Early 1900's
    • Legends of Another Era: John Mccormack; Bigger Than the Beatles in the Early 1900's
    • Released in 2013
    • 100 Songs


    1I Hear You Calling MeJohn McCormack
    2The Garden Where the Praties GrowJohn McCormack
    3Mother MacreeJohn McCormack
    4MacushlaJohn McCormack
    5Kathleen MavourneenJohn McCormack
    6The Star of the County DownJohn McCormack
    7Little Town in the Old County DownJohn McCormack
    8The Kerry DanceJohn McCormack
    9The Foggy DewJohn McCormack
    10The Londonderry Air (O Mary Dear)John McCormack
    11When Irish Eyes Are SmilingJohn McCormack
    12A Little Bit of HeavenJohn McCormack
    13KillarneyJohn McCormack
    14The Rose of TraleeJohn McCormack
    15Bantry BayJohn McCormack
    16Sweet Peggy O'neillJohn McCormack
    17Ireland, Mother IrelandJohn McCormack
    18My Wild Irish RoseJohn McCormack
    19By the Short Cut to the RossesJohn McCormack
    20Off to PhiladelphiaJohn McCormack
    21The Lass with the Delicate AirJohn McCormack
    22The Gentle MaidenJohn McCormack
    23Down by the Sally GardensJohn McCormack
    24She Moved Thro' the FairJohn McCormack
    25The Bard of ArmaghJohn McCormack
    26Terence's Farewell to KathleenJohn McCormack
    27The Old HouseJohn McCormack
    28Sweetly She Sleeps, My Alice FairJohn McCormack
    29Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young CharmsJohn McCormack
    30Oft in the Stilly NighJohn McCormack
    31The Meeting of the WatersJohn McCormack
    32The Wearing of the GreenJohn McCormack
    33Come Back to ErinJohn McCormack
    34Trottin' to the FairJohn McCormack
    35That Tumble-Down Shack in AthloneJohn McCormack
    36Where the River Shannon FlowsJohn McCormack
    37Mother O'mineJohn McCormack
    38Molly BranniganJohn McCormack
    39Beautiful Isle of SomewhereJohn McCormack
    40Annie LaurieJohn McCormack
    41I'll Walk Beside YouJohn McCormack
    42Jeannie with the Light Brown HairJohn McCormack
    43Passing ByJohn McCormack
    44Drink to Me OnlyJohn McCormack
    45The Dawning of the DayJohn McCormack
    46Come My BelovedJohn McCormack
    47Now Sleeps the Crimson PetalJohn McCormack
    48Silver Threads Among the GoldJohn McCormack
    49Bless This HouseJohn McCormack
    50Somewhere a Voice Is CallingJohn McCormack
    51SerenataJohn McCormack
    52I'll Sing Thee Songs of ArabyJohn McCormack
    53The RosaryJohn McCormack
    54Ave MariaJohn McCormack
    55Angels Guard TheeJohn McCormack
    56Nearer My God to TheeJohn McCormack
    57The Lost ChordJohn McCormack
    58The CrucifixJohn McCormack
    59Thank God for a GardenJohn McCormack
    60Adeste FidelisJohn McCormack
    61Love's Old Sweet SongJohn McCormack
    62I Know of Two Bright EyesJohn McCormack
    63You Forgot to RememberJohn McCormack
    64The Far Away BellsJohn McCormack
    65God Gave Me FlowersJohn McCormack
    66DevotionJohn McCormack
    67The Sunshine of Your SmileJohn McCormack
    68A Little Love, A Little KissJohn McCormack
    69The Old RefrainJohn McCormack
    70I'm Falling in Love with SomeoneJohn McCormack
    71There's a Long, Long TrailJohn McCormack
    72When Shadows GatherJohn McCormack
    73Love, Here Is My HeartJohn McCormack
    74Little Mother of MineJohn McCormack
    75SomewhereJohn McCormack
    76Learn to SmileJohn McCormack
    77Rose of My HeartJohn McCormack
    78Where the Rainbow EndsJohn McCormack
    79Indiana MoonJohn McCormack
    80Your Eyes Have Told Me SoJohn McCormack
    81It's a Long Way to TipperaryJohn McCormack
    82Roses of PicardyJohn McCormack
    83Send Me Away with a SmileJohn McCormack
    84When You and I Were SeventeenJohn McCormack
    85Keep the Home Fires BurningJohn McCormack
    86Marcheta (A Love Song of Old Mexico)John McCormack
    87The Star-Spangled BannerJohn McCormack
    88When You Come BackJohn McCormack
    89Rose MarieJohn McCormack
    90Moonlight and RosesJohn McCormack
    91Say 'Au Revoir', But Not 'Goodbye'John McCormack
    92God Be with Our Boys TonightJohn McCormack
    93The Barefoot TrailJohn McCormack
    94The Minstrel BoyJohn McCormack
    95When You Look in the Heart of a RoseJohn McCormack
    96The Rainbow of LoveJohn McCormack
    97Just for TodayJohn McCormack
    98Cradle SongJohn McCormack
    99Evening SongJohn McCormack
    100GoodbyeJohn McCormack

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