Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol. 1)

Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol. 1)

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  • Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol. 1)


1It's A Long Way To Tipperary (1914)John McCormack
2Pack Up Your Troubles (1916)Murray Johnson
3Good Bye-ee (1918)Courtland & Jeffries
4Oh! It's A Lovely War (1918)Courtland & Jeffries
5Here We Are Again!!! (1915)Wheeler
6War Time Songs Of 1914 (Pt 1) (1920s Medley)Uncredited vocal
7War Time Songs Of 1914 (Pt 2) (1920s Medley)Uncredited vocal
8Oh! It's A Lovely War/Madamoiselle From Armentieres (1930 Medley)The Jolly Old Fellows
9Keep The Home Fires Burning (1917)John McCormack
10With Our Boys At The Front: On The March (1915)Sgt Edward Dwyer
11With Our Boys At The Front: In The Trenches (1915)Sgt Edward Dwyer
12In The Trenches (1917 Descriptive Sketch)Uncredited vocal
13The Estaminet (Descriptive Sketch)Some Of The Boys
14The Attack (Descriptive Sketch)Some Of The Boys
15Tommy's Fags (1915 Comic Sketch)Leo & Hesse
16'Er Bloke, V.C. (1915 Comic Sketch)Leo & Hesse
17Gas Shells Bombardment (1918 Actuality Recording)British troops advancing on Lille
18United Forces March (1914)Metropolitan Military Band
19Your King And Country Want You (1916)Helen Clarke
20If You Were The Only Girl In The World (1916)Violet Lorraine
21Boys In Khaki, Boys In Blue (1914)Wheeler
22Now You've Got The Khaki On (1916)Marie Lloyd
23Have You News Of My Boy, Jack? (1917)Louise Kirkby-Lunn
24Roses Of Picardy (1917)Ernest Pike
25Grand Peace Record (1918 Descriptive Sketch)Military Band with supporting artists

Chat About Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol. 1) by John McCormack