Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 2)

Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 2)

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  • Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 2)


1Since Father Joined The Territorials (1909)Billy Williams
1The Boys Of The Old Brigade (Circa 1914)Uncredited male vocal
2Are We Downhearted? (1914)Arthur Boyton
2We Must All Fall In (1915)Robert Carr
3Goodbye Dolly Gray (1901)Harry McDonough
3Mademoiselle From Armentieres (1915)Jack Charman
4The Homes They Leave Behind (1914)Maggie Teyte
4Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty (1917)Florrie Forde
5Hold Your Hand Out, Naughty Boy (1913)Kate Moore
5Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser (1915)Mark Sheridan
6Soldiers Of The King (1914)Robert Howe
6Three Cheers For Little Belgium (1914)Violet Lorraine
7Special Constable Smith (Pt 1) (1915)Charles Penrose
7The Old Contemptibles (1915)Robert Carr
8Special Constable Smith (Pt 2) (1915)Charles Penrose
8Bravo! Territorials (1915)Harrison Latimer
9Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers (1914)Jack Charman
9Our Whistling Tommies (1915)Royal Court Orchestra
10Tommy In The Trenches (1915)Will Whitlock
10I Saw Six Short Soldiers (1916)Jay Laurier
11Mary Told The Story To The Soldier (1912)Ella Retford
11There's A Long, Long Trail A-Winding (1917)John McCormack
12Little Grey Home In The West (1912)Peter Dawson
12They All Look Alike In Khaki (1918)Ella Retford
13Somewhere In France, Dear Mother (1915)Stanley Kirkby
13When You're A Long Way From Home (1916)Kirkby & Cove
14The Rose Of No-Man's Land (1916)William Thomas
14Laddie In Khaki (1915)Robert Carr
15Just Before The Battle, Mother (1910)Orpheus Quartette
15Till The Boys Come Home (1915)Stanley Kirkby
16The Big Push (1917)Descriptive Sketch
16A Conscientious Objector (1915)Alfred Lester
17British Troops In Action (Pt 1) (1915)Descriptive Sketch
17War In The Air (1915)The Cossack Band
18An Air Raid (1917)Descriptive Sketch
18British Troops In Action (Pt 2) (1915)Descriptive Sketch
19The Kaiser In A Zeppelin (1915)Will Whitlock
19We Didn't Want To Fight, But By Jingo - Now We Do (1914)Stanley Kirkby
20When Tommy Comes Marching Home (1914)Harry Marlow
20The Tanks That Broke The Ranks (1916)Fanning & Fortune
21When We've Wound Up The Watch On The Rhine (1915)Stanley Kirkby
21Marching Back To Blighty (1916)Archie Monroe
22Colonel Bogey March (1910)1st Life Guards Band
22Blighty Leave (1917)Descriptive Sketch
23Our Heroic Family (1921)Jay Laurier
23Regimental Marches (Pt 1) (1914)Band of HM Irish Guards
24Regimental Marches (Pt 2) (1914)Band of HM Irish Guards
24Stony Broke In No-Man's Land (1921)Frank Miller
25Abide With Me (1913)Wilfred Shepherd
25Rule Britannia/God Save The King (Medley) (1912)London Regimental Band

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