Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 4.1)

Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 4.1)

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  • Oh! It's A Lovely War (Vol 4.1)


1Plum & Apple (1917 recording)Fred Hilton
2Blighty For Me (1916 recording)Dick Denton
3Ten Little Zeppelins (1917 recording)Harry Bluff
4No More Bully Beef & Biscuits (1919 recording)Fred Hayward
5Wait Till You Get Them Up In The Air, Boys (1920 recording)Harry Fay
6For Empire & For England (1915 recording)Harrison Latimer
7The Bulldog's Bark (1912 recording)Stanley Kirkby
8Appeal for £1,000,000 For Maimed Scottish Soldiers and Sailors (1917 recording)Harry Lauder
9Shouther to Shouther (Shoulder to Shoulder)Harry Lauder
10Captain Ginjah, OT (1911 recording)George Bastow
11Just Keep Marching Along (1917 recording)Foster Richardson
12All The Boys In Khaki Get The Nice Girls (1915 recording)F.W. Ramsey
13They Didn't Believe Me (1916 recording)Donaldson & Rothery
14Carry On, Madelon (1919 recording)Lionel Rothery
15In My Aeroplane For Two (1907 recording)Herbert Payne
16At The End of a Lane of Shadows (1918 recording)Foster Richardson
17Sergeant Solomon Isaacstein (1916 recording)Gus Harris
18We Shall All Do The Goose Step (1915 recording)Stanley Kirkby
19When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1916 recording)John McCormack
20Somewhere A Voice Is Calling (1914 recording)John McCormack
21Courage (1914 recording)Ruby Helder
22Capture of a German Spy (1914 recording)Descriptive Record
23There's A Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Upon the Highway (1918 recording)Robert Carr
24It's A Long, Long Way to Tipperary (circa 1917 recording)Unknown British PoW
25A Perfect Day (1916 recording)Royal Cremona Orchestra

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