Popular Songs And Irish Ballads

Popular Songs And Irish Ballads

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1The Garden Where The Praties GrowJohn McCormack
2The Harp That Once Through Tara's HallsJohn McCormack
3Terence's Farewell To KathleenJohn McCormack
4Believe Me If All Those Endings Young CharmsJohn McCormack
5The Green Isle Of ErinJohn McCormack
6The Kerry DanceJohn McCormack
7O Mary DearJohn McCormack
8The Star Of The County DownJohn McCormack
9Oft In The Stilly NightJohn McCormack
10She Is Far From The LandJohn McCormack
11The Meeting Of The WatersJohn McCormack
12The Bard Of ArmaghJohn McCormack
13Down By The Sally GardensJohn McCormack
14She Moved Thro' The FairJohn McCormack
15The Green BushesJohn McCormack
16Off To PhiladelphiaJohn McCormack
17Bantry BayJohn McCormack
18Bless This HouseJohn McCormack
19I'll Walk Beside YouJohn McCormack
20Drink To Me OnlyJohn McCormack
21I Know Of Two Bright EyesJohn McCormack
22Jeanie With The Light Brown HairJohn McCormack
23Loveliest Of TreesJohn McCormack
24Linden LeaJohn McCormack
25Passing ByJohn McCormack
26Song To The SealsJohn McCormack
27Silent NightJohn McCormack
28So Deep Is The NigthtJohn McCormack
29O Could I But Express In SongJohn McCormack
30When You Wish Upos A StarJohn McCormack
31The Little Silver RingJohn McCormack
32Silent NoonJohn McCormack
33The Cloths Of HeavenJohn McCormack
34The Old HouseJohn McCormack

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