Jim Crow

Jim Crow

John Mellencamp

Look what Jim Crow's done and gone
Went and changed his name
Don't know what he's going by these days
But he's still actin' the same
You can call it what you want to
But it's still a minstrel show
You can call it what you want to
But it's still Jim Crow

Jim's probably laying in this morning
Hummin' as he sleeps
Feeling the glow of another man's woman
As she lies beneath his feet
Enjoyin' the cool morning breeze
Smellin' flowers as he goes
Looks like he's changed his ways
Ah, but he's still Jim Crow

Jim will spend the rest of the day
Playin' in some big hotel
It's an old song with very bad rhymes
But he does it so well
He'll make some new acquaintances
When he's out on his evening stroll
It's amazing that after all this time
So many love
Big Jim Crow

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