Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
    • Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
    • Released in 2013
    • 44 Songs


    1Code BlueJohn Powell
    2PregnantJohn Powell
    3Leaving The HerdJohn Powell
    4The CavernJohn Powell
    5Magic EggsJohn Powell
    6Egg RollJohn Powell
    7The CliffJohn Powell
    8Sid's KidsJohn Powell
    9NestJohn Powell
    10PlaygroundJohn Powell
    11Scrat Finds Furry LoveJohn Powell
    12MommaJohn Powell
    13Entry To Lost WorldJohn Powell
    14Dinosaur VistaJohn Powell
    15Meet BuckJohn Powell
    16Flower Of DeathJohn Powell
    17Nose JobJohn Powell
    18TrekJohn Powell
    19Chasm Of DeathJohn Powell
    20Big Smelly CrackJohn Powell
    21We Shall Raise Them VegetarianJohn Powell
    22Campfire StoriesJohn Powell
    23FlashbackJohn Powell
    24Nite NiteJohn Powell
    25You'll Never TangoJohn Powell
    26Herd CrossingJohn Powell
    27Plates Of WoeJohn Powell
    28Battle CryJohn Powell
    29Buck's ThemeJohn Powell
    30BattlesJohn Powell
    31Over The FallsJohn Powell
    32RescuesJohn Powell
    33Alone AgainChad Fischer
    34To The PortalJohn Powell
    35Rudy FightJohn Powell
    36FarewellJohn Powell
    37Out Of This WorldJohn Powell
    38Buck ReturnsJohn Powell
    39Welcome To The Ice AgeJohn Powell
    40At Home With The ScratsJohn Powell
    41The Call Of The Siren AcornJohn Powell
    42True Love For Our HeroJohn Powell
    43End CreditsJohn Powell
    44You'll Never Find Another Love Like MineLou Rawls

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