The Akai Years 1979-84

The Akai Years 1979-84

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  • The Akai Years 1979-84


1Laura's Subconscious ToyJohn Tabacco
2Chameleon LuckJohn Tabacco
3You're Nuthin' But a...John Tabacco
4Bastard BarberJohn Tabacco
5Freakin' Peppy Lightning ShoeJohn Tabacco
6The Capt. Has Sleepy Sinister Foot Dirt for SaleJohn Tabacco
7I've Got Creatures in My Yard / So Glad to Be a Free Man / You May Call Me StatueJohn Tabacco
8Lighting Seed / There's This Number / E-Clair Raoul / Gorgo Twain Has Gone Hahwhyin (1)John Tabacco
9Nick and Clone (with E-Zay)John Tabacco
104747John Tabacco
11Styreen Mo' Betta / Aw Do I Aw Do I / I'm Losing My HeadJohn Tabacco
12During WWIIIJohn Tabacco
13'Till We Eat Out the MoonJohn Tabacco
14Four Billion PeopleJohn Tabacco
15A Message to All Offspring LoafersJohn Tabacco
16Welcome to Reality Son (There's Nowhere to Run)John Tabacco
17I Wish I Had Nuthin'John Tabacco
18You're Gonna Die Some Day / Cold and EmptyJohn Tabacco
19A Page of Black Ionization With Some Tomita JuiceJohn Tabacco
20She's the Only Girl in the Shower (Bonus Track)John Tabacco
21I Can't Wait to Get Married (Bonus Track)John Tabacco
22Capitalizing on a Laura Tabacco Idea (Bonus Track)John Tabacco
23Choke for the Rest of Your Life (Bonus Track)John Tabacco

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