Best Of Johnny Clarke
    • Best Of Johnny Clarke
    • Released in 2011
    • 78 Songs


    1Going to a BallJohnny Clarke
    2I Have Got The HandleJohnny Clarke
    3I'm Still in LoveJohnny Clarke
    4Love Me ForeverJohnny Clarke
    5Rock With Me BabyJohnny Clarke
    6Waiting in VainJohnny Clarke
    7One LoveJohnny Clarke
    8Keep on MovingJohnny Clarke
    9Be ThankfulJohnny Clarke
    10Dem a Say RastaJohnny Clarke
    11Dreader DeadJohnny Clarke
    12Jah Jah We Are WaitingJohnny Clarke
    13Mr. ChatterboxJohnny Clarke
    14Move Outta BabylonJohnny Clarke
    15Peace and Love in the GhettoJohnny Clarke
    16Put It OnJohnny Clarke
    17Roots Natty CongoJohnny Clarke
    18Ten to OneJohnny Clarke
    19Why Birds Follow SpringJohnny Clarke
    20True Believer In LoveJohnny Clarke
    21Love Of A WomanJohnny Clarke
    22Let Him TryJohnny Clarke
    23My DesireJohnny Clarke
    24No Man Is an IslandJohnny Clarke
    25Put On Dancing ShoesJohnny Clarke
    26Ride On GirlJohnny Clarke
    27Time Will TellJohnny Clarke
    28Them Never Love Poor MarcusJohnny Clarke
    29Up Park CampJohnny Clarke
    30None Shall EscapeJohnny Clarke
    31Rock With IJohnny Clarke
    32Simmer DownJohnny Clarke
    33Man Like MeJohnny Clarke
    34In ParadiseJohnny Clarke
    35I Wish It Could Go On ForeverJohnny Clarke
    36Enter His GatesJohnny Clarke
    37Joshuas WordsJohnny Clarke
    38King of the ArenaJohnny Clarke
    39Nice TimeJohnny Clarke
    40None Shall Escape the JudgementJohnny Clarke
    41Play Fool Fe Catch WiseJohnny Clarke
    42WarriorJohnny Clarke
    43You Must RealiseJohnny Clarke
    44SugarJohnny Clarke
    45Soul and InspirationJohnny Clarke
    46She Wears My RingJohnny Clarke
    47Room Full of TearsJohnny Clarke
    48PafridaJohnny Clarke
    49No Woman No CryJohnny Clarke
    50On the BeachJohnny Clarke
    51Midnight CowboyJohnny Clarke
    52Love That Grows & GrowsJohnny Clarke
    53Left With a Broken HeartJohnny Clarke
    54I've Got the HandleJohnny Clarke
    55I Am LonelyJohnny Clarke
    56HypocritesJohnny Clarke
    57I Man Come AgainJohnny Clarke
    58If You Should Lose MeJohnny Clarke
    59Don't Want To Be a Rude BoyJohnny Clarke
    60Dem A Say RastaJohnny Clarke
    61Declaration of RightsJohnny Clarke
    62Creation RebelJohnny Clarke
    63Crazy Bald HeadJohnny Clarke
    64Bend Down LowJohnny Clarke
    65Bad Days (Extended)Johnny Clarke
    66African RootsJohnny Clarke
    67Baby Come Back To MeJohnny Clarke
    68Do You Love MeJohnny Clarke
    69Easy SkankingJohnny Clarke
    70Girl I Love YouJohnny Clarke
    71God CreateJohnny Clarke
    72I'm Still WaitingJohnny Clarke
    73House CrusherJohnny Clarke
    74Ite's Green & GoldJohnny Clarke
    75Judgement on the LandJohnny Clarke
    76Love and AffectionJohnny Clarke
    77SatisfactionJohnny Clarke
    78Walk AwayJohnny Clarke

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