The Early Years

The Early Years

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  • The Early Years


1Perdido Street BluesJohnny Dodds
2I Can't SayJohnny Dodds
3Drop That SackJohnny Dodds
4Lonesome BluesJohnny Dodds
5Yes I'm in the BarrelJohnny Dodds
6Gate MouthJohnny Dodds
7Too TightJohnny Dodds
8Mixed SaladJohnny Dodds
9Flat FootJohnny Dodds
10Wild Man BluesJohnny Dodds
11Get 'em Again BluesJohnny Dodds
12South Bound RagJohnny Dodds
13MelencholyJohnny Dodds
14Idle Hour SpecialJohnny Dodds
15Hot StuffJohnny Dodds
16Grandma's BallJohnny Dodds
17If You Want to Be My Sugar PapaJohnny Dodds
18Oriental ManJohnny Dodds
19My BabyJohnny Dodds
20Memphis ShakeJohnny Dodds
21Piggly WigglyJohnny Dodds
22After You've GoneJohnny Dodds
23Blue Clarinet StompJohnny Dodds
24Bull Fiddle BluesJohnny Dodds
25Weary CityJohnny Dodds
26Clarinet WobbleJohnny Dodds
27Bucktown StompJohnny Dodds
28Indigo StompJohnny Dodds
29Lady LoveJohnny Dodds
30Joe Turner BluesJohnny Dodds
31Pencil PapaJohnny Dodds
32Heah Me Talkin'Johnny Dodds
33New Orleans StompJohnny Dodds
34Weary BluesJohnny Dodds
35SunJohnny Dodds
36Forty and TightJohnny Dodds
37Weary Way BluesJohnny Dodds
38Wolverine BluesJohnny Dodds
39Mr Jelly LordJohnny Dodds
40Billy Goat StompJohnny Dodds
41Canal Street BluesJohnny Dodds
42Ballin' the JackJohnny Dodds
43Carpet Alley - BreakdownJohnny Dodds
44Come On and Stomp, Stomp, StompJohnny Dodds
45When Erastus Plays His Old KazooJohnny Dodds
46Someday, SweetheartJohnny Dodds
47High Society RagJohnny Dodds
48Red Onion BluesJohnny Dodds
49Gravier Street BluesJohnny Dodds

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