Live In Concert
    • Live In Concert
    • Released in 2011
    • 30 Songs


    1On Green Dolphin Street (Live)Johnny Hartman
    2Intro by Johnny Hartman (Live)Johnny Hartman
    3Sometimes I'm Happy (Live)Johnny Hartman
    4Didn't We (Live)Johnny Hartman
    5Bewitched (Live)Johnny Hartman
    6On a Clear Day (Live)Johnny Hartman
    7Misty (Live)Johnny Hartman
    8Watch What Happens (Live)Johnny Hartman
    9Blues (Live)Johnny Hartman
    10By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Live)Johnny Hartman
    11The More I See You (Live)Johnny Hartman
    12If (Live)Johnny Hartman
    13Help Me Make It Through the Night (Live)Johnny Hartman
    14The Way We Were (Live)Johnny Hartman
    15Biddin' My Time (Live)Johnny Hartman
    16The Folks Who Live on the Hill (Live)Johnny Hartman
    17Down in the Depths (On the 90th Floor) [Live]Johnny Hartman
    18Lush Life (Live)Johnny Hartman
    19Feelings (Live)Johnny Hartman
    20I've Got to Be Me (Live)Johnny Hartman
    21Blues (Live Version 2)Johnny Hartman
    22Feelings (Live Version 2)Johnny Hartman
    23The Way We Were (Live Version 2)Johnny Hartman
    24Send in the Clowns (Live)Johnny Hartman
    25Little Girl Blue (Live)Johnny Hartman
    26Sometimes I'm Happy (Live Version 2)Johnny Hartman
    27Summertime (Live)Johnny Hartman
    28S'posin' (Live)Johnny Hartman
    29My Foolish Heart (Live)Johnny Hartman
    30On A Clear Day (Live Version 2)Johnny Hartman

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