Saga Songs and Historical Ballads
    • Saga Songs and Historical Ballads
    • Released in 2011
    • 35 Songs


    1The Battle of New OrleansJohnny Horton
    2Honky Tonk ManJohnny Horton
    3Sink the BismarckJohnny Horton
    4Whispering PinesJohnny Horton
    5Mean Mean Son of a GunJohnny Horton
    6The First Train Headin' SouthJohnny Horton
    7Joe's Been A-Gittin' ThereJohnny Horton
    8Mr. MoonlightJohnny Horton
    9You Don't Move Me Baby AnymoreJohnny Horton
    10Sam MageeJohnny Horton
    11The Electrified DonkeyJohnny Horton
    12When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)Johnny Horton
    13Johnny RebelJohnny Horton
    14Cherokee BoogieJohnny Horton
    15All for the Love of a GirlJohnny Horton
    16The Golden RocketJohnny Horton
    17Sleepy Eyed JohnJohnny Horton
    18Got the Bull By the HornsJohnny Horton
    19Counterfeit LoveJohnny Horton
    20All Grown UpJohnny Horton
    21North to AlaskaJohnny Horton
    22I'm Ready If You're WillingJohnny Horton
    23The Mansion You StoleJohnny Horton
    24I Got a Hole In My PirogueJohnny Horton
    25Ole Slew FootJohnny Horton
    26Evil Hearted MeJohnny Horton
    27I'm Coming HomeJohnny Horton
    28Jim BridgerJohnny Horton
    29I'm a One Woman ManJohnny Horton
    30Big Wheels RollinJohnny Horton
    31Honky Tonk Hardwood FloorJohnny Horton
    32The Woman I NeedJohnny Horton
    33Lost HighwayJohnny Horton
    34Sal's Got a SugarlipJohnny Horton
    35WordsJohnny Horton

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