For Collectors Only
    • For Collectors Only
    • Released in 1993
    • 40 Songs


    116 CandlesThe Crests
    1The Angels Listened In (Stereo)The Crests
    2SilhouettesThe Crests
    2Angels Listened In (Unreleased Version)The Crests
    3Model Girl (Stereo)The Crests
    3Molly Mae (Unreleased Version)The Crests
    4Trouble In ParadiseThe Crests
    4The Test of Love (Stereo)The Crests
    5Isn't It Amazing (Stereo)The Crests
    5The Way You Look TonightThe Crests
    6Flower Of Love (Unreleased Version)The Crests
    6Beside YouThe Crests
    7Pretty Little AngelThe Crests
    7Keep Away From Carol (Previously Unreleased)The Crests
    8You Took the Joy Out of Spring (Stereo, Previously Unreleased)The Crests
    8I Do (Unreleased Version)The Crests
    9Six Nights a WeekThe Crests
    9Let Me Be The One (Unreleased Version)The Crests
    10My Special AngelThe Crests
    10Step By Step (Stereo, Unreleased Version)The Crests
    11Step By Step (Stereo)The Crests
    11What a Surprise (Stereo)The Crests
    12It Must Be Love (Stereo, Unreleased Version)The Crests
    12Gee But I'd Give The World (Stereo)The Crests
    13Learning About Love (Stereo, Unreleased Version)The Crests
    13Out in the Cold Again (Stereo, Previously Unreleased)The Crests
    14Journey Of LoveThe Crests
    14If My Heart Could Write A LetterThe Crests
    15I.O.U.The Crests
    15In The Still Of The Night (Stereo, Unreleased Version)The Crests
    16Paper Crown (Stereo)The Crests
    16A Year Ago Tonight (Stereo)The Crests
    17Earth Angel (Stereo)The Crests
    17Young Love (Stereo, Unreleased Version)The Crests
    18I Thank the MoonThe Crests
    18Strange Love (Previously Unreleased)The Crests
    19Always You (Stereo)The Crests
    19A Rose And A Baby Ruth (Stereo)The Crests
    20Let True Love Begin (Previously Unreleased)The Crests
    20Mister Happiness (Stereo)The Crests

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